Ever Get Annoyed by the Question…….Whose Fault is it that T1D Came to Your House?

I’m so, so sorry that I gave you diabetes.  I thought it was not me but I paid to have that DNA testing service having to do with ancestry run MY DNA and it game back that the lineage of T1D  on my side of the family goes back to the days when a guy name Christopher Columbus sailed a few ships and landed somewhere around here.

The testing took some of my DNA (I will keep from where it came to just me, its pretty private) and I paid $3275 and it came back——732 relatives had T1D…..so it’s all my fault.

Sounds a tad unrealistic, don’t you think?

And yet I constantly hear from people who share the guilt of thinking they are at fault or even MUCH MUCH WORSE, some dim-wit relative ‘from the other side’  finds a morsel of information and all of a sudden they are the new authority on who ‘is to blame’ for the mess you are now in with T1D now in your residence.


Even if……EVEN IF……you could be absolutely certain (which you cannot) which was the gene pool that got you to where you are………what difference would it make.  You would have to then go out and find out what triggered it; of equal importance.  Good luck with that also.


Pointing figures.

Hidden figures.

Who cares.  But what if……what if…….what if……..what if……what if……
Tell them that DiabetesDad said to “SHUT UP”.
Then look at them and share that you are not so sure where the T1D came from but (stare intently now) you sure know EXACTLY where the stupid gene comes from.

It’s okay because I can promise you that we will have a cure for T1D long before we find a cure for stupid.

Having a little fun today to teach this: It does not matter what you discuss on HOW something happened; it matters what you are going to do with it now that it is here.  And when someone has an opinion, tell them to put that energy to good use and do something THAT DOES MAKE sense like running a fundraiser for education, help, and/or a cure.  That would be better than shooting their mouth off on something they know little, or nothing, about.

Then kick them.
I am a diabetes dad.
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7 thoughts on “Ever Get Annoyed by the Question…….Whose Fault is it that T1D Came to Your House?

  1. The first time I saw my type 1 dad cry was the day I was diagnosed as type 1 . His guilt was too much to contain.

  2. Tom, I have never wondered who caused my diabetes. I know it is Walt Disney, or rather Disney World in FL. How do I know this? Well I was OK until I got to Disney World and then I was diagnosed. I speculate that Diabetes was passed by several Disney characters while on the Its a Small World ride. My advice is to stay away from Disney parks. I also want to make it clear that Disney owes me a vacation, 43 years later.

  3. I’m going to admit I’m an awful person.
    My daughter’s dad was doing the blame game on me. It’s my fault, because I let her eat junk all the time when I had her (6 days a week), and he fed her well (his 1 day a week he had her, he’d go to restaurants). I was the bad mom, and it was a fact the food I fed her gave her diabetes. One day shortly after diagnosis, a relative of his mentioned two of his family members, many years ago, and gone now, had juvenile diabetes, with one dying at age 6 due to an incorrect insulin dose. I thought how horrific that must have been, while he heard, “it’s my own family’s fault”. Here’s where I’m the awful person… I didn’t correct him.
    It has made him not blame me or our daughter anymore (and…he still doesn’t understand diabetes).

  4. We blame the birthday cake I always order for my birthday. Now aptley named “diabetes cake.” Awful, I know. But it was the final straw that sent my son’s pancreas over the edge one year. We still get the cake, my son still eats it, and we call it by it’s new, christened name. And we laugh, just a little. We know it wasn’t really the cake, but it’s sure easier to blame an inanimate object.

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