Editorial Policy

This is my blog. I am not a medical professional and any medical written word is read somewhere else and will be credited accordingly. There is no substitution for YOUR medical team. I am not paid for what is written on this blog.

For twenty years I have been part of the diabetes community and when I write, it is my opinion on a certain subject or topic.  You may not agree, or you may agree emphatically; you are certainly entitled to your opinion.  My viewpoint is not necessarily yours; it is all about creating a dialogue. 

You are free to state your opinion and I will be as respectful to you as you are to all those who express themselves on these pages.  Your passion and your opinions are welcome.  You may want to peruse posts before you share with children under the age of thirteen as I am open to discuss anything so we may all learn but that may, sometimes, not be so appropriate for all ages.

Should someone want my opinion on something and send me their product, provide me with reading material, and/or provide me with a website address; I will accept it and report accordingly. Providing any services will not influence what I feel, think, and/or write other than the fact the product was sent to me and I did not come across it on my own accord.

The opinions and views expressed cannot be purchased; they are mine and mine alone.

I am employed by the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation; am a contract writer for dLife and from time to time I am contracted for other services of which I will disclose as necessary. I spend much time with the Children with Diabetes and other than travel expenses; they remunerate me for nothing. My daughter is Diabetes Hero with Animas Corp. My blog is being hosted by Diabetes Daily. With all of this in mind—I’m only where I am because I believe in the entities I have outlined and none of them, as an outside entity, influence my written word one iota.

If anyone has any questions; feel to reach out to me anytime for clarification, explanation, or discussion. karlya@optonline.net.

Thank you.
Tom Karlya, Diabetes Dad