T.G.I.F. Thanking Great Individuals Forever

A series to share information about true heroes in the diabetes community, usually done on a Friday–TGIF –get it?…tee hee.

T.G.I.F. (Thanking Great Individuals Forever). He has had diabetes for over 50 years and has literally changed the lives of thousands of people; mostly young people. He calls it the way he sees it and he doesn’t mix words. Kids listen when he speaks, it is a gift and he uses it well. As a diabetes nurse educator and family therapist, he specializes in assessing how family dynamics impact management of diabetes and designing interventions that result in more effective coping and optimal metabolic control. He uses phrases like; ‘Non-Negotiable’, ‘A break is okay’, and ‘run the thing over with the car in the driveway…….why not?” He gets emotional when he speaks and his lifelong experiences demand that you listen. He is a humble person who is extremely uncomfortable when receiving any awards and is the fastest at deflecting credit to others. He engages. He challenges. He knows. He shares. He has saved countless lives and his name is Joe Solowiejczyk and he is is Diabetes Dad’s T.G.I.F. Take a bow Joe and surely we all thank you.

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