Letting Go Sucks!!!!!

letting goI have often stated that no one has made more mistakes than I at this ‘diabetes thing’.  I have also shared many of life’s events that made, or will make, me learn more.  My son Rob has had T1 since March 20th, 2009.  This week he passed his road test and is now a licensed driver.

Right now I am going through the stages of both holding on and letting go.  I mean, ‘I get it’, I know what we should and should not do and I will not bore you with all of that; you know, or you will learn when the time comes.  

My feelings are not  too unlike what I wrote about yesterday with Finding Nemo and it sucks to feel this way.

Rob’s life, with his new freedom of driving, will never be the same.  His horizon has just lengthened and he will have the freedom to go wherever he wants to go and there is nothing greater than that feeling.  We live for our kids successes.

I’m presently at the in-between stage.  I want him to have his freedom, but I also face all my fears of a child ‘going out there’ and facing….well….everything.   I also know that he could be safe at home and THAT is the two-edged sword.  The feelings are the same for every parent. 

The fear was there when he wanted to go to a friends’ house down the block for the first time……and I remember saying to myself, “This is really hard, this is crazy to feel this way, what will I do on the day he learns to drive…….well I’ll worry about that ‘way down’ the line when it happens.”

Well happen…..happened.

In truth, we have indeed let go.  And we explained the rules.  He understands them.  The riot act of; no passengers for the first month, no radio for the first two months, testing blood sugars and waiting when needed, when to call us, when to text us, and of course the ‘phone-must-be-turned-off’ rules.  As most of the things Rob is asked, he will follow them.  He is growing up to be a fine young man……We just don’t like letting him go so he can do that……..but we will.

Ever let go or have fought for your independence; what will you fear most when the time comes?……Please share.

I am a diabetes dad.



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I am terrified and looking forward to the day when my son wants to drive. He only got his permit so he could drive in an emergency (which happens with me often) and to make it easier for travelling by plane to attend Friends for Life. But I know that day will come soon also. I completely understand where you are at with this DDad!

Tom and all; for me by far the most difficult thing I’ve had to deal with both due to diabetes and not as a parent. It is a process for me – one that I’m achieving with baby steps and getting pretty good at I might add. Knowing that Rob is a responsible young man helps too!!!! Godspeed Rob, Tom and family.

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