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BioHubAs I stated, I would post as soon as I knew the site was live and you can click here and see the news of which I spoke about yesterday.

As I stated, there is more work to do but this, to me, is clearly the biggest step that I have seen in my twenty years at being part of the diabetes community.  The video on the site states it all and we are so excited on the possibilities that lay before us.

Again, we will be arranging a webcast with Dr, Ricordi in the very near future, we are arranging it now.  I look forward to sharing more with you on this exciting project moving forward and will let you know when the live webcast will be.

This has been a very exciting day and I look forward to the future……the Karlya house is ecstatic tonight.  And we hope you are also.

I am a diabetes dad.

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Thank you so much for sharing this! I was diagnosed in 1979 at the age of 14. They told me it could be within my lifetime. I had lost hope. You gave me renewed hope.

I was diagnosed back in 1969 @ the age of 9, I also gave up hope. After 43 years my body is crying.

Oh, man, that’s SO exciting — my heart gave a flip-flop. And then I realized that they will probably not offer it to people like me, who are older and don’t have as long a life-expectancy. I DO want it to go to the children and young folks first, but for a second there, I was imagining how nice it would be to once again just eat and not think about it. Back to reality now.

OK, I’ll say it: That was a big let down. Exciting news? Yes! Change-the-world news? Nope. Sorry. Not thrilled with the way this one was rolled out. Glad I didn’t get my hopes up. I look forward to seeing this research move forward and I will contribute to it because I do think it’s promising. I think the DRI is and will continue to do amazing things and yes, this could be it. But it’s not now. And it’s a long road beween concept and completion. Thanks to all for your continued efforts towards a CURE but I think we need to be very careful in how we communicate these types of things.

I couldn’t agree more.
Glad I didn’t say anything to my child.
And truly I am tired of fundraising for a bandaid, now if i fundraise I want it to be a cure where there is no immunosuppressive drugs. No worry of “relapse”. True self regulated no fear insulin production without any extra gadgets internally or externally. Show that to me and I’ll be excited.

Ive only been a T1D mom for about a year now but I know that without the fundraising that all the people did before me, before you, before our grandparents that have this disease, we may not even have the insulin we have today to keep our children alive. Whatever bandaid, whatever tool that whatever idea that comes our way should be embraced.

I agree as well, I was disappointed but not surprised. The teaser implied that the announcement would be about a cure. While this kind of a device sounds promising it’s not a cure and it’s still many years from hitting the market, if it gets there at all.

Its nice to see one more try for encapsulation .. but tell us how does it differs from:
1. Sernova’s Cell Pouch (already in clinical trials)
2. Viacyte’s Encaptra
3. LCT’s Immupel (already in clinical trials)
Will you be able to move it faster to the masses …
Thumbs up and I wish you best of luck

A bit disapointed, the final line in the video is ” what happens next is up to you” i watched intently and i know they are doing great things BUT this is a fundraising exercise. It all STILL sounds too far off. I too am glad i didn’t let ,y child wait up for the anouncement.

I agree that it is a fundraising ploy, I get it, funds are necessary for advancement, but to make us think that this announcement was going to be revolutionary, wrong! Very disappointed!

My daughter was diagnosed 2 and a half years ago. I know this is a long way off, but any hope for a cure is very exciting!!! keep up the hard work

To me it was like telling us we have a cure but………. We don’t know if it would even work yet in humans without all the med ,, having to change it out every 3 to 6 yrs not a cure but I but we could live with that but this is far from anything to loose sleep over just yet and this is very similar to what a lab in CA has been trying do to but also needs funding so not new , not in human trials, not at start date even for. Human trials, not a cure yet but a idea is just what it is unless I missed something ,, now I know why my husband reserved his heart when it came to all this b/c still a lot of red tape on ur end and plenty to go on the gov’t end ,, Tom Tom I think b/c u where part of the process u may have not seen this the same way if u had not been ,,, I know ur a T1D dad and u want the best as we all do but this was not as complete as the hype 🙁 u said it was laid out u our ?’s would be answered so human trail r there any and at least when do they start ??? Forget to click on item below so this is y I reported thank you

It’s intriguing but not exciting – and I’m definitely not feeling any ecstasy. Too much “we have an idea how to handle this” and “we’re going to try this or that”. And I just can’t envision how it will be affordable. I’m bummed that I let myself get excited but – as one of your first commenters said yesterday – “Hopers gotta hope”

It’s been a tough diabetes day in our house, I’m crying at reading this news and the hope my heart is bursting with that my baby girl might one day be less burdened by this disease. Big thanks to everyone involved. We are in Australia and I stored my daughters cord blood at birth, wondering if it might be useful to stem cell research/islet transplant trials to have a T1 diabetic with their own stem cells?

also, let me say – we need people like you who are over-the-moon excited about possible cures. We need DRI fans, and Faustman fans, and fans of whatever researchers are doing to find a cure. We are jaded for sure but everyone of us wishes for a cure and though our hope may on occasion wane, as a group, we have to keep hoping. So I take back my comment about getting excited. The day that I truly don’t get just a little bit excited about a possible cure is the day I’ve given up, and I don’t want to do that, ever. Thank you for your efforts!

That was a lot of hype for something that seems so far off. I hoped and prayed last night that maybe, finally I could be cured in my lifetime. This is a little discouraging. Don’t get me wrong; It sounds like a real advance, but nothing where I feel it could be. I was told by my doctor that I would see a cure 7-10 years ago. After there wasn’t one, I kind of gave up hope. So forgive me for my apparent negativity. I just feel very disappointed. 🙁

This is BS (and I do not mean Blood Sugar). I think it’s really cruel to up people’s hopes like that and then show us this.

I definatly second the thought that this was a bit of a let down…. Thats not to say its not a great article, or that it wont work… Just not something to wait all day and night to rad about.

I do have one question, I couldn’t find the answer on the website…. Does the DRI support/use/trying to make legal embrionic stem cell research? Is that how their going to make this bio cure?

Being Type 1 Diabetic myself and a mother of two children, I worry about them ending up with it. I support this but have heard when islet cells are introduced into people’s bodies that it cures it that way. I am hoping to become involved in not only the trials but fundraising for this project and I’m wondering how this can happen. I know DRI is located in Florida but I’m willing to travel.

Thank you for sharing this.

I found the link to the new so called cure. This may work for some people, however, in my case, I don’t believe it would. I had a kidney/pancreas transplant several years ago, 15 to be exact. The kidney is still working good, however, the pancreas quit working. around 3 years later. It was determined my body decided to kill the islet cells so in the case of this treatment or cure, would my body decide to kill off the islet cells again? Who knows. My guess is that it could.

Is this the same device used to cure mice and dogs? What technologies are those and how do they compare?

They have surely funded our work in the past, the one below we announced in Q3 last year.:

And this is a copy of yesterday’s US News and World Report article where Julia Greenstein JDRF’s VP of Cure Therapies is quoted twice:

Hope that helps answer your question a little bit.

After having diabetes long enough you stop caring how iffy it is really. I’m willing to try anything!

I’ll say it too – this was hyped up to be real news, and it really isn’t the “life-changing” thing it was purported to be. Feels like a fund-raising stunt, and lots of people who read announcement on the 4th were very disappointed on the 5th. It’s a terrible thing to toy with the emotions of people who are already suffering. Shame on you for doing so in the name of fundraising.

Ditto. Fund raising it tastes like. Anyone know what JDRF thinks of DRI and its near-done deal?

Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up.
The words in your article seem to be running off the screen in Opera.
I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with web browser compatibility but I thought I’d post to
let you know. The design and style look great though! Hope you get the problem resolved soon.


So i am a new dad to this T1D world. My son was diagnosed just a week ago. I tripped across BioHub on several websites, I watched the videos, and here we are 8 or so months later…..and I was wondering if the Phase 1 clinical trials are a go? Is there any additional news?

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