An Actor Who Gives 1000%—no Matter the Role—-We Can ALL Learn from James DuMont.

James DuMontIn just about a week from now, Hollywood will bestow the best of the best with an Oscar.  It is the grandest of nights in Hollywood and it is something that has been discussed, is presently discussed, and will be discussed in the future for some time.  What does the Oscars have to do with diabetes?

Well nothing…..on the surface.  But if you have ever read my writings you know that I do not always see things as others see them and today I share a moment that happened this movie-and-Oscar-contended-season that made me take notice.

The Dallas Buyers Club is a contender in many categories and one is for Best Supporting Actor for Jared Leto who plays Rayon.  This is a tough movie.  A movie that will sit with you long after you leave the theatre and it is MY GUESS that Mr. Leto will win for his absolutely stunning and riveting performance of which I have not seen the likes of on-screen in some time.

There is an incredible scene in the movie that was described by Entertainment Weekly as follows: “When Rayon, dying of AIDS, turns up dressed awkwardly in a man’s suit to beg for money from her disapproving father one last time. Few moments are as vulnerable-or as unforgettable.”

If you saw the movie and that scene, you know EXACTLY what this is talking about.  You can click the picture above to hear what Mr. Leto has to say and also see a snippet of the film.  I’m not here today to write only about the film except to say this; in that scene (which is being touted everywhere as being so pivotal) is the man now nominated for an Oscar as well as the man playing his father.

Scenes like this have a million and one ways that can play out.  One skip of one beat—-too fast, too slow—the scene is ruined.  In as much as Mr. Leto is brilliant in the scene, so is James DuMont who plays his father.  If Mr. DuMont, who has but this one little scene, does not match Mr. Leto—–the scene is for naught.

But it was not for naught and it is one of the scenes everyone is talking about and may very well be the scene shown on Oscar night (we will see).  I know James and he and I worked together years ago, and we are still in touch to this day.  If you go to IMDB you will see that the man has worked continually for some time.

Now you will most definitely know many of the movies and television shows he has worked, but you will most undoubtedly never forget the scene he plays in this year’s Dallas Buyers Club.

James, does his thing, and he does it well.

Now everyone in the business knows the saying, “No small parts, just small actors”.  James loves working and he works a lot.  My guess is that those roles will become much bigger/fuller/richer in the upcoming years.  To James, ANY work is worthy of 1000% percent performance.  That is what he gives, always and in all ways; 1000%

THAT is the point of this article.

It does not matter what you do, or are doing, to help in this diabetes community.  It matters that you give it 1000%; no matter how small YOU may think it is.  Have you ever heard of the Miranda Leavitt Diabetes Fund?  This is a perfect example.  This organization started by Miranda’s parents, Brenda and Richard, was begun so Miranda’s death, at the young age of 22, would mean something more than passing away from complications.  They undertook an entire initiative to educate and help others; but outside of their area in Maine, my guess is most never heard of it.  But make no mistake…….Their’s is no small act.

How many people take on issues in their community and fight the fight that so many never know about because it is a local initiative?  How many help others that we will never know about? So do not ever think that what you find important will not amount to anything………it does.  It will.  It changes the world.  Even for one person.

My friend James never thought of anything that he had ever done as just this tiny-who-cares-sorta-kinda-role.  He looked at every job as a job worth doing, and doing well.  And THAT matters. 

So if you are thinking about doing something, ANYthing, to help in this diabetes community and are holding back because you don’t think it will make a difference, think again—I PROMISE you that helping just one person is so much more than you doing nothing and helping no one.  Just don’t do nothing.

Anyone who takes something and gives it a 1000% effort will watch and see, it could be an event of a lifetime—–even Oscar-worthy.

I am a diabetes dad.

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