When it Comes Right Down to it, If You Don’t Have It—-You Don’t Know!!!!

Think about itI know we think we go through a lot as parents, and we do; and today I want to ask you a question that I want you to think about before you answer.  Think long and hard.

I had a conversation recently with a friend of mine who has T1.  As I listened, I found myself again telling myself; I have no clue what people with diabetes go through.  And I want to ask you the same question; have you ever REALLY THOUGHT about what your kids go through with diabetes?

Really thought about it?????

Everything they do……EVERYTHING…..impacts their diabetes.  Anytime they wake up, and even through the night, they have to make sure their blood sugars are not playing tricks on them and they would make it to the bathroom (or wherever) without feeling ‘out of control’.  Going out. Driving.  Talking on the phone.  Getting ready.  Whatever it is; their quiet check list kicks in and they go through the list.

Can’t remember your cell phone????? Imagine all that someone with diabetes has to ‘remember’.  Now check your personality?  Oh, you do not have diabetes—you don’t have to do that either.  Combative, sad, hyper, anxious…..what is felt at that moment?

We have no clue.

I’m not even going down the roadway with the fears they have as well……and there are many.  And don’t be naïve……if your kids are allowed on the internet; they have looked already……bet on it.

I also know that kids with diabetes have no idea what it is like to be a parent of a child with diabetes (unless they were/are both).  But when you think of EVERYTHING we must go through as parents——it pales significantly when you think about it from their point of view.  That does not mean that our jobs are any small task, but it makes theirs that much larger.  And also remember that no matter what they do or don’t do——-if they did not have diabetes it would not be a reality so also understand that ALL OF IT……is not  their fault.

We can discuss all we want how they need to take care of themselves etc etc etc……I get it.   BELIEVE ME, I get it.

But before you are so quick to ‘jump at them’ for something they did or did not do, try to wear their shoes for a minute before you speak.

Really think about what they go through.

I am a diabetes dad.

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