Diabetes Diagnosed……WHY ME????? (Ever ask THAT!)

why-meHave you ever looked at your situation and asked the so-hard-to-answer question; why me?  Or even more specific, “…..why my child?”

In what life did we do something so bad that diabetes would enter our household.  In short, what did we ever do to deserve this?  Have you ever asked yourself that question?

I have.

But I think I have because it’s a normal progression of the process to getting back on your feet and moving forward.  If you look around you, however, there are VERY FEW people in our lives who could not ask the very same question about their own lives.  If you step outside the feelings of your own pain, and look objectively, almost everyone…..has….well…..something.

I think what differentiates those who are given hardship is how they each deal with whatever is thrown to derail their lives.  I find it ‘flip’ to say when given lemons make lemonade but I do believe in Theodore Roosevelt’s; “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

No expectations.  No goals beyond your reach.  Just to take what you have in the time of your life you are in and deal with it.  Pretty simple advice.  It is up to you how anything impacts you but be sure of the following:
–Someone has it worse
–You can choose how much you are brought ‘down’.
–Make yourself active in making it better
–Just ‘Don’t do Nothing’ about your situation.

Staying home and feeling sorry for yourself will accomplish nothing.  We have all been there.  I’m sure Lee Ducat and Carol Lurie’s lives were turned upside down when their children were diagnosed, just like you.  Diabetes was not going to win and they went out and started a small organization called the JDRF.

The Singers and the Kleimans could have only looked inward and no one would have blamed them upon their child’s diagnosis; but instead they created the leading Diabetes Research Institute in the world when the Diabetes Research Institute opened its doors in an 87,000 square foot building which continues today.

Same with the Hitchcock Family followed shortly after with the Billetdeaux Family creating the Children with Diabetes and the CWD Friends for Life Conference.  Again, parents stating diabetes will just not do……and doing something about it.

And there are millions of other examples of others who did ‘something’ to change the lives of their children, or themselves.  Energy is created by something in motion.  Whether positive, or negative; whether a larger something or a smaller something in motion is all up to you.

Know this and hear me clearly.

However you deal with diabetes in your household, your kids are watching.  Just like they watch everything you do in life.  If you live life with a ‘whoa is me’ attitude…….do you really expect your kids to live differently?  If you live life that diabetes is just ‘no big deal’ and whatever happens will happen; do you really expect your kids to live it differently?  If you accept the challenge and live life up to its fullest potential in a positive manner; don’t you think your children will approach it in some sort of the same manner?

And after that; pray.

Because after you do everything you can, it’s still just a chance that your child will absorb the good.  But I do know this, you have a much better chance at it when you reflect a positive approach than thinking your world is just in shambles.

We have all been there.  And I had it multiplied by two when my second child was diagnosed.  But you know what?  Some have three……and some have more.  I ask you this one question; “If we, who live in this diabetes community, do not venture out to make any and all of the changes needed………………………….who the heck do we think will?”

Think about it.

I am a diabetes dad.

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