We Need to be Dancing for a Cure……We cannot let it Fade from Existence

I read the following statement recently: CGM technology has reached a point where it’s now the standard for glucose measurement.

Just in case you have been living in a luxury oasis somewhere, you probably know that a CGM is a Continuous Glucose Monitor.  A device worn that checks an individual’s blood glucose constantly (different timing depending on the device).

Now whether you agree with this statement or not, it’s more important to understand the statement in relation to where we are now, as oppose to a time gone by.  CGM is a new term, and new device, in the relative diabetes timeline of events.  Kaitlyn was diagnosed on September 26, 1992, about 30 years ago.  The FDA approved the use of a CGM in 1999.  Without editorial, you now have a choice of devices to be used by a few different companies.  It’s a fabulous management tool for each person’s diabetes tool box.

As the devices in the guise of insulin pumps and CGMs battle for the larger market share by getting smaller, faster, more accurate, less painful, and just about doing everything but serve you coffee in the morning, I keep noticing something that is getting less and less attention.  Do we not want to get rid of this disease anymore?  Have we made it so ‘easy’ to live with diabetes that people just don’t care or do not believe in the “C” word anymore?  Is a cure no longer necessary?

Have people had enough of hearing about a cure and when it will be here that all the discussions surrounding a cure have just fallen into the background and have become nothing more than white noise?

Is the absolute better management tools the accepted buzz on what is important these days.  Sorry, not for me.

I think we need to stop grumbling about the “I was told a cure will be here in 5 years for the last 20 years…….” syndrome, and make sure that cure related research stays on the forefront in the minds of everyone and anyone who have the means to add financial resources to diabetes research. Privately and through the government

The world is an exciting place with so many scientific findings that are slowly being worked into the mainstream of having diabetes.  These tools are fabulous, needed, and more is always wanted.

I made a promise to my daughter, and then to my son as well, that I would stay at the search until a cure arrives….whenever that may be.  It may not be a popular belief, it may even seem like an unreachable star.  But it’s why I continue on my quest to march into hell for that heavenly cause.  You?

I am a diabetes dad.

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I do not know what a ‘cure’ might actually be. Sometime we will have a difference maker. It will never be for me, but I know that some young person is alive right now who will be cured and that gives me great hope.

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