Being ‘AT IT’ a Long, Long Time

Someone once asked me how long I would be ‘at this diabetes thing’?  I’m sure my eyes fluttered extensively as I heard the question.  I’m not really sure what the question means.  To ‘stop’ at this diabetes thing would mean the battle was over.  It would have been won or lost, but it would be the only reason to ‘stop’…..and losing is not an option.

Some friends were gathered lately and there was a missing ‘someone’ from the group.  “Hey what happened to XYZ, are they still around?”
The answer came back, “It’s been years since they had been seen, they found a new job.”

A new job?
Job, Really!

People can switch jobs as much as they care to but that doesn’t mean the child you love, the adult you love, or even the ‘self’ you love, will all of a sudden no longer have diabetes.  I understand burn out.  I understand needing a break.

But it must be understood that ‘diabetes’ could care less what we need or what we do and it does not give a rat’s behind what we think—-it will move on destroying everything in the pathway of complications.  In the pathway of our lives.  If we give in; diabetes wins.

If we stop fighting, diabetes wins.
If we stop caring, diabetes wins.
If we get too busy, diabetes wins.
If someone hurts us and we throw our hands up from hurt, diabetes wins.
If we walk away, diabetes wins,

There is just no option here.

Diabetes does not care and we must always ask the question; if not us, than who?

The answer is that no one will do what we do the way we do it.   No one can.  So please get back in the fight.  You are missed.  If not you, than who?

I am a diabetes dad.

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