PLEASE: Remember Surroundings And Timeframe When You Park

I have mentioned this topic before but it can never be overstated. With the winter break now over and kids heading back to school, every fiber in my ‘dad’ body begs me to plead with you to please be very alert on where you park and when at the time you arrive for classes. Many times you will arrive in a parking lot after a few classes have already started, and in the middle of the daytime, you may not be reflecting on how far away you actually are and the fact that your last class is at 6 pm, it will be pretty dark, and many of those same cars are now gone. There will be nothing but a healthy distance between activity, and you, alone in your car.

Starting your engine and leaving may be your thought as you dash out of your last class. But now you’ve walked all the way to your car and your blood sugars have dropped so you grab a snack, devour it, and now you wait until your blood sugar rises to a place where you feel safe to drive again. This is what your mind thinks. Outside your car, someone looking to victimize someone sees someone sitting in their car; all alone. Waiting, Not moving.

No one around.


Too perfect an opportunity for a crime. Quite honestly, you would be helpless.  

Chances of this scenario actually taking place are probably low, I admit…but any chance is too high a chance if that chance can be avoided.

The same thought process for anywhere you take your car. Meeting friends. Shopping. Seeing a show/movie. Visiting the mall. Leaving a nightclub. Leaving a restaurant. Any age. Man or woman. Once you go low, you know how you feel. Know your surroundings and think what time you will be returning to your car. Don’t say, I’ll make sure someone walks me to my car, a great thought – but not always the case when the actual time comes to leave. If you think ahead, and someone can walk you to your car, that’s great. But things can change and if you’ve already thought ahead and parked accordingly, you have lessened the chances of anything else going wrong.

This is such a simple thing that can really make a difference. Over the years many have shared with me that when they arrived at their car, checked their blood sugar, and saw they were low, instant vulnerability set in. Nervousness will impact your blood sugar even more. Please don’t take the chance, ever. 

I’m a diabetes dad.

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