A Score Card for the Debate this Evening.

Here is a scoring aid to use while watching the debates tonight…..feel free to add your own and post them.

If a statistic is given and a source cited   +2 points

If a sound bite is mentioned   -1 point

Each time the phrase ‘that’s not true’ is uttered  -1 point

If you refute a stat by citing   +2

Cut off your opponent    -1 point

Mention an actual plan to help with healthcare  +1 point

State actual description of ‘a vision’ with an actual plan  +2 points

Mentioning vision with no plan  – 2 points

State to the moderator, “I’ll answer that question in a moment but……”   -4 points

Use a real person’s experience to prove a point  you get an…..’awwwww’ but no points

Mention a past administration pro or con  -2 points

Facts on your plan for future job growth  +2 points

Whining  -4 points

Caught in a lie  -4 points

Catching/proving opponent in a lie +5 points

Moderator–pulling answer back to the questions………priceless

This is not diabetes but I am still a Diabetesdad.

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