SHUT UP and Give Her a Piece of Candy!

I’m just a tad tired of seeing ‘that’ horror on the faces of those people who have no clue what bearing candy has in the life of those who have diabetes; honestly, the answer is that it has none.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  You cannot have candy out on the table; you have two kids with diabetes!”

(What I wanted to say) “Shut up you more-off (morON is too good for them), you have no idea what you are talking about.  It’s not poison, it’s candy.”
(What I said) “No, it’s okay.  They can eat candy, they just have to know what the carb ratio is, and bolus accordingly; and depending on their blood sugar level, they might just be able to ‘pop’ it in their mouth.”

 Well when I tell you that the mouth was just hanging open.

 “Reallllllyyyyyyy” (really long pause) “Wow……..who knew?”

 AHA…..and THAT is the point, STUPID.  We…..the parents know.   AHA……the ones with diabetes know.  AND WE ALL NEED NO HELP FROM YOU.

So here’s the deal, IF I do not mention to you that your daughter is not really at her girlfriend’s house like she said or your teen-age son was not really in the woods looking at birds with his friends and those cans were not soda, or the mints and perfume your daughter uses is not that she is so hygiene-savvy, or when your kids say they are at the movies and do not remember what it was about; all leads me to say that MY KIDS and WHAT they eat should have no place on your list of things that you feel compelled to share with me.  If I don’t tell you how to raise your kids, don’t tell me about mine—-especially when it comes to diabetes.

Because no matter how much I beat myself up over this wretched disease and everything it means, does, is and continues and regardless what YOU think—–I AM THE EXPERT.

Thank you.

Feel free to hand this out as needed. 🙂

I’m a diabetesdad.


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Oh my word!!! I think I love you!!! I have a seven year old with diabetes and we are going on 2.5 years of experience. I get soooo irritated about people saying my daughter can’t have this or that. YES SHE CAN!!! She can have anything your non-diabetic kid can!!
Thanks for the post!! I shared it on facebook and pinterest.

WOW. I could not agree more on what you just said. My wife was at a JDRF function for a basketball game and the cotton candy guy was selling his cotton candy (well trying to) in the section that was set up for the JDRF group. My son (age 11) asked for sone and my wife looked and the package had the carbs on it and so she sadi yes you just need to carb yourself for it. You would have thought my wife was buying him beer with a side shot of poison from the looks people were giving her. A few parents even came up to her later and told her they could not believe what she was doing to our son by giving him cotton candy that could kill him. She only responded with the package has the carbs on it and he carbed himself for what he ate.

I love the post! I’ve heard that line you have 2 “kids with diabetes”…….place dumb comment after dot dot dot. So utterly true Tom, I don’t tell them how to raise their kids, they should not do the same to my wife and I. I think I get double the amount of dumb comments having 2 dkids. I love your blog, thanks for writing, we need more dads blogging, we need and army of them. Godspeed.

Tim Brand

I have said it before, if I could talk to people out loud, the way I talk to them in my head, I’m SURE the police would be involved at some point! Love ya Tom!!!

Even my 41 year old, type 1 since he was 3yo gets questions abotu what he can eat and what he can’t eat. It’s so unreal.

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