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For my part, I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of stars makes me dream.  Now, I am sure that Vincent Van Gogh was not thinking of diabetes when he jotted down this quote. Surely, he was marveling at the heavens above and all those stars in the sky.  Each is different, each burning brightly.

Each year, Feedspot ranks the top 100 bloggers in hundreds of different categories and subject matters. It is the perfect place to look and see the many writings on a subject that interests you…diabetes.

Go to  and you will see so many different aspects from writers who make it their business to make sure you are informed.  Writers dealing with diabetes every day, parents, grandparents, organizations, companies, and anyone who deals with an aspect of diabetes probably have a blog on this very important top 100 list.  Tackling every subject matter, you can imagine with even a few you may have never even thought of before will enlighten you.

Blog Feedspot describes itself as the best Diabetes Blog from thousands of blogs on the web and ranked by traffic, social media, and freshness.  This is important for you as the reader because they challenge us writers to make sure we stay on top of pertinent information…for you.

Thousands of bloggers, just like those stars in the sky.  Each unique.  Each brightly shining.  Each is there for you to enjoy.

Visit the site and skim through the many writers and the topics they take on.  If there is one there you seem to like, follow it.  Truly there is not a subject matter important to you that you will not find.  Enjoy!

I am a diabetes dad.

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