Will it Ever Get Better?????

I read a lot.  I read many comments from parents.  I read many comments from people with diabetes.  Many times my heart breaks because they fret over a high or a low and it becomes a hurdle 50 feet high.

You know in baseball, every player makes an out more than they get a hit.  Did you know that?  In the history of the game of baseball not one player who had a full career got a hit more than half the times they were given the chance.  Not one.  Many not even a third.

Many times I want to say to parents that it will get better.  You will find a pattern that you’ll life will fit into.  In most cases; unfortunately, not in all.

But for the majority of those who have a child with diabetes I can tell you that after 20 years the new normal does become that; the new normal.  And a bad day of nothing working out will turn into a day where you can try it over again.  And there will be better days.

Remember this; that no matter whatever anyone elses child did today, yours did it with diabetes.  Celebrate that, because many do not. 

You can LIVE with diabetes or you can live with DIABETES.  Your call.  Now get up to the plate and swing for today.

I’m a diabetesdad.