Wanna see a 5G iphone???

I cannot legally tell you that this is a picture of the iphone 5g. I cannot tell you that this is a comparative picture with what will become the old iphone 4g. I cannot tell you that a media date has been chosen for the media to convene for a very new announcement by the end of this month. I cannot tell you that a security guard saw this lying on a desk in some executive’s office and sent me a picture (legally: they didn’t).

I cannot tell you for sure if there was a leak on what the new 5g iphone would actually look like and that it never would have happened when Steve Jobs was alive. All of this is ‘just for fun’, right?. 😉

I can tell you that I never owned an ‘anyG’ iphone but that will change when the 5 comes out. I can also tell you that if you have ever shopped for any of the Apple Products, they are all under one ‘roof’ for you to browse and decide on whatever you want to buy.

This got me to thinking.

With all of the new and exciting down loads, apps, widgets, phone-ready-meters, and gizmos having to do with diabetes—someone should create the ‘D-Store’ as a website so all of these items are in one place for people with an interest in diabetes to browse and pick and choose just like an Apple Store where I can tell you that the 5g iphone is not legally ready for sale.

Perhaps someday they both will be realized. I am a diabetes dad.

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