Sunday dHero—a Young Man Teaches Us All a Lesson.

It is a world of get ahead.  Many times it is get ahead at any costs.  Get one up on the ‘other guy’ so you can win. 

Not so for my Sunday dHero, a sibling to a brother with diabetes.  As if it were not enough that he has agreed to take part in a clinical trial to be tested on how formula compared to cow’s milk-based formula decreases risk of developing T1.  He has been part of the TRIGR Trial for years, it is a trial he will be part of, for life.  He doesn’t have to do that, but he does.  He doesn;t even have diabetes.  But he does it anyway.  He’s like that.

But last week my Sunday dHero showed the character that makes up who he is.  Some may say it was just a small thing, I do not.  It also shows how he was bought up, where winning is not the final score.  In the house he lives winning I something that must be worked on every day.  Winning is not a result in his household, winning is a journey. 

Gabe loves baseball.  Gabe is a catcher.  Gabe is nine and lives in Connecticut.  He had a game last week and he was in his usual position behind home plate. 

Swing and a miss, “Strike three” beckoned the home plate umpire.  The normal course of events would be to throw the ball back and for the hitter to return to the dugout.  As the batter headed back there was a quiet in the game as Gabe had turned to address the umpire.  Conversation could have gone something like this: 

Gabe: “Look, when he swung just then he hit my glove.”

Ump: “I didn’t see it.”

Gabe: “Yea I know, that’s why I’m telling you.”

Ump: “That’s interference; he will be given first base if it is called.”

Gabe: “Yea, I know that too……but his bat hit my glove when he swung.” 

The Ump called the batter back and gave him first base.  The Ump addressed the crowd and told them what happened. 

Gabe’s team went on to win the game.  The losing team voted Gabe the game’s MVP.  Gabe won long before they posted the final score.  At only 9 years old, Gabe reminds us what’s important.

Take a bow Gabe; you are Diabetesdad’s Sunday dHero. 

I’m a Diabetesdad.

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