November is over. Did you miss it? Did you do something for diabetes awareness month? Did you need a reminder that diabetes is in your household?

I get it. So many believe in the ability to celebrate a good life despite/in spite of living with diabetes. A time to let the world know, and help diabetes awareness, for an entire month. What a concept.

Not to me. November is the same as its 11 colleagues that make up a year. I celebrate, educate, advocate, and hopefully inspire (a little) 365 days a year. Telling someone who lives with diabetes that there is a month totally dedicate to diabetes awareness, the answer you will most likely hear is, “Thanks but no thanks—-I live with it 365 days a year.”

It’s nice that some roll out diabetes awareness month as is done with holiday decorations and celebrations. But in truth, we choose to celebrate our kids every day, a special month is not needed. What our kids do all year round is worthy to celebrate all year round.

It’s nice that some roll out the advocacy for diabetes causes during the month of November. But in truth, we choose to fight for the rights of those living with this disease every day we can. Insulin costs, rights, and the ability to have what everyone else has gets a full court press all year.

As I stated it earlier…..I get it……I really do. Blue, new, you, and what’s due are the voices loud and clear. Let’s just push as hard all year long. No matter how small or how large, “just don’t do nothin”—-but do it all year long.

I am a diabetes dad.
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From “A” DiabetesDad

As you read in the title, I am a DiabetesDad.  Never said I was ‘the’ diabetesdad, we are many.  Today is Father’s Day.  Happy Father’s Day to all of you who are fortunate enough to have someone in your life who calls you dad.  In our children’s lives, we are ‘the’ dad.  Unless you are in the small number of families with two dads, being a dad is a unique and definitive.  You, are dad.

There is a world around us, some say crumbling around us, some say challenging around us, some just say there is a world around us.  In any given time in our history people have declared that this moment in time is like none other before.  Good, bad, different put aside, this moment in time is today.  What will you do with it?

I have three incredible kids.  I have a son-in-law and a daughter-in-law (to be) who I consider child #4 and child #5, they are THAT special to me and I count myself “that lucky”.  We are not a perfect family and if you asked any of us, we would laugh at that notion.  What we are, is, together.  We can call each other when we need to talk.  We can call each other for the good, the bad, when fearful, and sometimes for no reason at all.

When the cell phone says a name of one of my kids as it begins to ‘buzz’, I undoubtedly will smile.  Thinking of them makes me smile.  My oldest is active in his community.  He has put his life on the line more times than I can count.  Proud is the word that comes to mind.  My second child is the type that is sincerely giddy at opening stocking stuffers and she is wicked -smart.  It’s fun to see her enjoying the moment.  My youngest is both the business guy and computer geek.  His knowledge is incredible and his insight uncanny. I envy his knowledge.

We are all fairly opinionated.  We make each other laugh.  We make each other think.  Probably no one can get under our skin as well and we can rarely feel as safe as when one of them has our backs.  We are, family.  I’m not sure how other families work but mine are truly the air my lungs need to breath.  Perfect is about as far as can be from who we are but we are…..us. 

Each day I begin with the thought of each of them.  I love them to bits.  It’s my hope they continue to grow and thrive.  To help those less fortunate, be accepting of people who differ from them in their thoughts, actions, appearances and beliefs.  To not think they are better or worse than the next one.  To give a hand when needed and touch a hand when helping others.  To learn, listen, and above all laugh.  To not take themselves so seriously.

This is my family and these kids make me a father.  It is my sincerest hope that all of you are surrounded by family because at the end of the day, family is what it’s all about.  Happy father’s day to all of you.
I am a diabetes dad.
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New Heroes Emerge Everyday

I don’t know if hero is a word Mike Otten likes, or is even comfortable to be called. Perhaps in-line with his business at Sequa Deli and Caterers of Patchogue, hero means what it should, a great sandwich and surely Mike’s store is one of the best at that.

Perhaps Mike is just a really smart business man. But if you know Mike, you know he has found himself in the middle of messy situations before, all having nothing to do with himself. During those times he’s known to rise to the situation-at-hand. Those who know him, know the feeling of hair standing up on the back of your neck as he explains his personal story regarding 911. It was also personal tragedy losing family members on that day, as well. It’s a story for a different day. But surely ask him about it some day.

Interesting point about heroes; if you know one, you know they don’t think about what they are doing as some great feat of heroism, they just do what’s got to be done. They do when no one else will do. They do what they do with all of their heart and soul. They say, “It’s my job.”

Truth be known, Mike Otten is a guy I love like a brother. Working at my desk, what seems like a million years ago, my phone rang. On the other end of the call was a dad. A dad to a child newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. His questions were great questions. His thirst for knowledge was admirable. I hung up the phone thinking, this is a man I will like for a long time. And I surely have. Mike is not a mushy kind of guy. He’s direct. He’s not afraid to ask hard questions. He’s also a guy that when needed, he’s the one you want behind you. Because when he’s with you, he’s with you all the way.

So it’s more than just a great businessman who keeps Sequa Deli open during times like these. Probably the first store open at the time when this all started and the first one open each morning. You see, many people stop at his store every day. They rely on that morning stop for coffee, or whatever, to get them going to help others. Mike quickly learned this and did what was needed to be there for them. And as we have learned, it’s more than just the first responders and medical teams who are heroes these days. Of late it’s also the guy on the corner who gets his store open so all of those people on the front line will have a fresh coffee; and a person in the neighborhood has a place to turn for items needed. Those in the supermarkets, and those who deliver packages, and our mail, and are out there doing what needs to get done in an air that is less than safe.

I’m sure more than just a few cups of coffee have been given away to those who frequent Mike’s store. Mike’s like that. It’s about the problem at hand. It’s about people. It’s about giving back. If you’re on Long Island in the Patchogue area, see what a real hero looks like. He or she may be in scrubs, may be in a police uniform, a first responders uniform, but they could also be in a red supermarket jacket or even a white apron behind a deli counter. Heroes are where they need to be and they are who we need them to be at a time most needed. Mike Otten is such a hero, and it’s not new to him at all.
I am a diabetes dad.
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Is Anyone There?

It’s called a Ghost Light or a Stage Manger’s Light. Traditionally, the first one to arrive at the theatre is the Stage Manager. The fully dark theatre has this one light on, it is a safety mechanism so the arriving stage manager is not walking around in a fully dark theatre.

In the pitch black theatre, it is a light to show the way.

Seems now more than ever, we need a light to show us away. In the millions and millions of items written in the last 8 weeks, every time I sat down to write, I kept asking the same question; “What could I possible add that has not been said, forecast, and/or written. I felt I couldn’t. So I didn’t.

Turns out that I miss you all more than I could imagine anyone missing me. Finding something to read is not so difficult these days. Do you find yourself asking the same question I do, “Is anyone out there?” The answer is, yes, of course but being inside and living your life with your family only, inside; makes you wonder what the world is doing out there.

But truth be known, the ‘out there’ is the same as where we each are……living in a silo’d life. For how long?

But the world has changed. When you see a friend or loved one you have not seen in a while and you are with grasp, you hem….you haw…..and finally you give a littlle wave and a smile. “Hi.”

It’s painful, isn’t it? We are all together in this loneliness? We try to connect. We try to communicate. But connect and communicate, we have learned lately, are two completely different animals.

As a group, the world is learning a lesson about how important teachers are.
As a group, the world is learning how important being with each other is.
As a group, the world is learning how important people are. Not just first responders and nurses, but the the one stocking the shelves in the supermarket are important as well.
The ones we would just normally walk by, we now take notice. “Thank goodness that person is working today”, has come to mean so much more for so many lately.

To me, I can hardly wait until we get back to normal. Will we get back to normal? Could it be that the Ghost Light is also a metaphor for what it really represents. To see our way in the darkness, to not fall and get hurt, we need that light…….and in truth…..it is each other.
I am a diabetes dad.
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Now More than Ever–Just Don’t do Nothing

I cannot tell you how many times I sat down to write this month. But any time I started, it just felt silly to try to write anything that was not COVID-19 related. But there were a zillion diabetes peeps all sharing information and if I cannot give a new perspective on something I feel it would be painful to write which would probably make it death to read as well.

But something has hit me recently that I DO want to share with you. I notice all of the usual suspects running commercials about disasters and such and trying to link COVID-19 to their charity, and many of those are doing really good things for people in need. I have a commercial I would like to run too. It would look like this:

DiabetesDad sitting on a chair.
Looking relaxed.
Camera shot from further back and slowly zooms in.

There are many many organizations doing lots of great things for people in need. People are lucky to have so many people ready to help in this time of COVID-19.
Soon we will get on with our lives again and when we do my kids will still have diabetes. I don’t have a lot of fabulous organizations helping my kids………..I have you.
So when you can, please help get us back to finding a cure for all of our kids with diabetes.
We never stopped needing you.
And we need you more than ever, today.
Thank you.

Link shows up on the screen:

As many of you know, the Diabetes Research Institute is where I believe I need to spend the bulk of my own energy. But know this; whomever deserves your energy will be in a great need when this is over. There is a great need now.

Because when it comes right down to it, the only people who will really help those in the diabetes community IS the diabetes community.

Don’t just do nothing, now more than ever.
I am a diabetes dad.
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Why Toilet Paper?

I can guess there are many theories on what we can run out of when there is a worldwide emergency. If you asked the general public this question 4 weeks ago I am sure you would have received answers like; water, meat, eggs, milk, dairy and more. I am also pretty sure that the one answer you would not have received was, ‘toilet paper’. I, like so many others have gone to the stores in search of the evasiveness of something so common as toilet paper.

I know the stock boy at my local Piggly Wiggly Supermarket because every morning at the start of the day, I am at the door, as probably many others are as well, waiting for our answer. The door is unlocked and he comes out, “Sorry folks, no toilet paper today.” The shelves are still empty.

Really? Toilet paper?

March 28th was my wife’s birthday. The long planned party and the kids flying in for the day had long been cancelled. My job was to try and salvage the day with people living close by (relax, it was only 4 people, I follow the rules). I got to the supermarket as soon as the doors opened. I did not want to be there with a store full of people. I headed past the paper aisle and glanced down knowing the shelves would be empty. I peered down the aisle as I made my way to the frozen foods, and BAM; there they were. Two packages of 12 rolls, the maximum limit was waiting on the shelf. The last two packages.

I turned my cart so quickly that I knocked the display of graham crackers completely over and I ran down the aisle. I grabbed the two prized packages and held them high in the air; “AHHHHH HAAAAA; Success!”

I quickly realized that someone may be watching and as I looked both ways, I bought the treasure close to my chest, and placed them in my cart, covering them with dairy products so no one would see them. I had more to buy, but I was nervous. So I quickly looked all around as I made my way to the check-out. I laid everything down, paid for it, and ran to my car. I dumped everything into the back, covered it with a blanket, and made my way back to the supermarket to finish my shopping.

As I walked back into the supermarket with my smile of success, I could not help but think……..but why toilet paper?
I am a diabetes dad.
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