Is it Really Just Another Tuesday to You???

TuesdayThe choice is yours.  Everyone likes a fresh start, a new beginning.  Each 365 days that come and go allows us to wake up on the morning of a new year, look in the mirror and decide.

What will you decide.

Will you handle your life in a defeatist, nothing will make a difference, the pharma companies are hiding a cure, let someone else do it, my kid will never listen to me anyway, and my life will just be a horrible road of mishaps?

Or will you be like my friend Meri who despite losing her husband in 2012 and having 3 of her 4 children with diabetes still decides that her road ahead will be what she makes it.  It will be tough and she knows it, that does not stop her.  Her smile would melt an iceberg; and she will try to find more smiles this year.

Or will you be like my friend Michelle, who continues to inspire the world despite her tragic loss.  Michelle is a tell-it-like-she-sees-it person and she will tell you how tough it is but in the same breath she will tell you about a ride, or about Jessepalooze, or how special Mile 23 is, will you be like her?  Will you ‘don’t do nothing’, or will you decide to do something a bit nmore this year to make a difference.

I have stated before that wonderful line from the movie Shawshank Redemption; “Get busy living or get busy dying,”  And dying is not literally, but rather your soul, your mind, your efforts, your smile, and what you portray to others.  How will you live in 2013?

So is today Tuesday or is today the opportunity for you to begin again.  To give your child a tad more freedom from the choke-hold you have on them due to their diabetes.  Let them walk to the deli with their friends, let them come home from school and ‘how was your day’ replaces ‘what is your number’ as soon as they enter the door, and let them take control a little bit more. 

Sure it will be hard.  Do you know anything that was really worth a great pay-off that was not hard?  But it will be worth it.

May you have the best 2013, a year for all of us to start again.

Happy New Year—-here we come.

I am a diabetesdad.

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