Your Input Is Needed…..Live from the Red (er…I mean Blue) Carpet, It’s Diabetes Dad’s People Choice Awards.

Peoples-Choice AwardLIVE from New York…..It’s the Diabetes Dad’s People’s Choice Awards. 

Wouldn’t that be so cool.  As I watched the People’s Choice Awards over the weekend I had this crazy thought.  

But before I share the thought it is important to know what award ceremonies are all about, and that is recognition.  Now of course that recognition could be parlayed into money and fame but the bottom line is the fact that this film or this person is recognized for their work.  Recognized for their work—-well we have so many in the diabetes community who are deserving of that, don’t we?

And of course all of those glamorous people walking up the red carpet and speaking to Ryan Seacrest in their decked out dresses and tuxedos; how exciting! 

First we would need a host.

Then we would need categories.

Then we would need to vote.

All the media would be there made up of health reporters and diabetes publications.  Who will be the winner of this year’s Diabetes Dad’s People Choice Awards.  Of course our carpet will not be red—it will be blue; and the dresses and shoes will need to be blue also (Shout out to the Blue Heel Society)

(Music cue)


Okay—-let’s give it a try.

Go to this link and answer the three questions–a week from now I’ll let you know where we stand. (with our own logo).

Go to the link below—-it asks NO INFORMATION about you; it is just 3 questions, answer them and I will get right back to everyone with who the nomination of host should be and the categories.

Might be fun….respond today and I’ll get back to you in a week.

I am a diabetesdad


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