A Group of People Who Go Almost Unnoticed…..BUT They Shouldn’t….Let Them Know!!!!

SupportWe are very quick to let people know about a great doctor or researcher.  We are very quick to let people know of a great person at the organization or foundation we support.  We find a great diabetes educator and of course we let others know.  As well we should.

But there is a huge group of people who usually go unnoticed that I would like us take pause and say thanks.  These people are always there.  Perhaps we think, “it’s there job’, and it is, but they are also there all the time and if they do not do what they do than those who receive all the praise, well they wouldn’t be good at what they do..

It is all of those people who work in the supporting roles. The administrative assistants, receptionists, file clerks, and everyone else who may never see or we see but we forget their smiling face is the first person we see when arriving. 

Their advice and/or work, their direction, and their very manner sets the tone to so much that we deal with when visiting.

These people are there and do we ever even notice them?  Well we should.  Who is ‘that’ person at the office you visit that you know you would miss if they were not there.  Tell us about them but more importantly, tell them ‘thanks’ next time you see them because they play a pivotal role in your well-being or in the well-being of your child.

Let them know it.

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This brings up an excellent point! They are often the people you need to interact with in order to get to the doctors and specialists etc. and they make those meetings and other behind the scenes work happen (or not). I once left a doctor’s practice because of trying and difficult it was to deal with the staff. I also, have had an office where the receptionist and I always greeted each other by first name and shared in a personal conversation. It always made the visits to that office more enjoyable and bearable!

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