Diabetes Abroad, an A-List Celeb, a Supermodel, a Former President…….And One Heck of a Story!!!

BennoDon’t let his boyish good looks fool you.  When you first meet Benno Schmidt, you can not help but think that his warm smile and gentle personality could ever be part of the rough and tumble world of serious journalism; but that would be a serious, serious mistake in judgement.

Benno is a good friend to the DRI and it was a joy to again see him when he arrived at the Carnival for a Cure event in NYC last Sunday.  Seeing Benno reminded me of an incredible story that Benno reported and many may have missed it.  But surely worth sharing today.

So many stories have been written about the world-wide impact of diabetes and one of the first countries that usually comes into mind is Haiti.  Benno not only reported about the impact and not from the comforts of a studio, he went and learned……and of course he reported.

A small segment of these videos are not such an easy watch but with so many people organizing events and donating money to ‘diabetes-abroad’; it may be of interest to see it up front, real, and first hand.  Benno does and incredible job in these videos and after watching it, and knowing each person deals with some hardship, one can only stop and think “how bad do I really have it?”

Watch these videos and learn; nice job Mr. Schmidt and thank you.

I am a diabetes dad.

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