Easter Bunny and Diabetes…..Please Share Your Ideas!!!!!!

Diabetes Dad logo Easter revisedFor the last-minute buyers of baskets and goodies for Easter…..what do you give at Easter for both basket surprises and for dinner?

Let us know any tips, ideas, or possible even customs that have evolved because of diabetes?   Many people could benefit….so hop to it and please share.

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My mom always filled my basket with “little girl” appropriate trinkets; costume jewelry, toys, crayons, lip glosses, etc. Same could be done for boys; matchbox cars, etc. Never centered around candy. Meals were always healthy; protein (lamb or roast), veggies.

this is our 3rd easter living with T1 and this year I am buying more easter eggs that are smaller and are 1 serve for the total carbs instead of huge rabbits and eggs that you have to guess how many carbs are just in their ears!

Shelby never liked the jelly beans our family hid, so we would still do some so she could keep with the tradition and “trade with the cousins” when we got to the grandparent’s house. I’d still hide the plastic eggs filled with small things as Lisa said, but I would also fill some with “certificates” like good for one movie, a sleep-late, a stay up late, a fingernail painting, etc. I also did some chocolate (Hershey’s kisses and Smarties) and always would make a basket with Spring-time items (bubble mower, bunny ears, new Spring clothes and other toys).
She’s at college and I just sent her a care package of maple sugar products and she’s ecstatic! Said it’s the best care package you could get from NH! She uses these maple candies for her lows or sometimes as a treat and never abuses the “high” and I think it’s because of all the teaching her that it’s ok to eat sweets like any normal kid: in moderation.

This year for my type 1, I saw in CVS they sold eggs that inside had either stickers, tattoos, or cards that you scratch and a picture is illustrated. I also added a bunny, planting seeds for our garden, bubbles, harmonic. Did not include any candy. Just toys. My mom did hers with a movie of Bolt, a hula hop and a bunny.

Our Baskets always had toys and candy when I was a child. We only got candy for special occasions , so it was very exciting to get chocolate in the Easter baskets. And I do the same for my children.. Candy has always been a part of Easter for me and it will be for my children even my type1. itune gift cards are nice too:).

I sent my son , who is in college, a basket with candy and Itune card, also a yoyo for fun. He sent me a text- ” What no Kite?”. We had always put a kite in his easter basket. Made me laugh that he remembered.

My 12 yr old loves to garden so I put together a basket with seeds, peat pots, gloves , and some sort of garden decor each Easter – been doing this since she was about 5 🙂

This will be our first Easter with T1D. My son will be 5 next Thursday, and we are filling eggs with puzzle pieces that he can assembly after the hunt, stickers, candy kisses (his favorite) and maybe an m&m here and there. We also are going to fill some with homemade playdough.

FABULOUS!!!!! ideas Sarah….sos orry it is your first Easter with teh ‘new normal’ in your household—-sounds like you are hitting it head on and you have created a fantastic basket full of goodies……best of everything and thanks for chiming in.

My daughter was just diagnosed T1D on 2/13/13. She is asking the Easter bunny for one Reese’s egg and gift cards.

…..and I am sure that Easter Bunny will deliver……been there….now over 20 years for one who was dx at age 2 and my second at age 13; 4 years ago……hang in there….have that bunny bring mom a tall bottle of wine.

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