Following the Sun…..Will Diabetes be the Same?

Glasgow Scotland sunriseIt was dark when I left Newark Airport.   I am heading to Scotland.  I am speaking at the Children with DIabetes Friends for Life UK.  Scotland is 5 hours ahead of us.  When I land it will be daylight, I am chasing the sun.

When dealing with diabetes, I’m told that Scotland is different from the US in many aspects; most of which I will learn about when I’m there.  But a mum is a mum and a dad is a dad.  That is not different.  the anger of a stolen childhood, the pain of why it happened at all, and the frustration we feel dealing with a health system that must provide what it is needed and many times fail miserably at it; well those feelings are probably about the same.

We want better tools…..and most of all we want a cure.  That will not change.  At the end of the day, all we have is each other top make us strong.  Our loved ones, surely, but mostly it is those who live with what we live with and know by just a look or a glance exactly what is happening in our lives; it is from each other we get strength.

So I am travelling over 3200 miles to speak at a conference.  A conference with many parents, just like me.  I will share some things that I have learned over the twenty years I have been at this, but more than that, I will learn from them.  I will feed off their energy of realizing that diabetes just will not do in our lives and we can always do better.  Our kids can do better.  Together we can make sure their lives are good.  They will empower me.

And at the end of the darkness that befalls our life sometimes when it comes diabetes……well……that is a sun I will always chase, every chance I get.

Hello Glasgow, Scotland.

I am a diabetes dad.

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Can’t wait to see you again, and the sun does seem to be shining in Scotland. It is so lovely to be able to look forward to these meet ups and just feel normal for a weekend, no glazed eyes when you talk numbers, or sighs when you have to stop for a hypo, or tuts when she is hyper and running around like a loon. One weekend of normality…precious! Plus the chance to see the CWD men in kilts!

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