The Scariest Aspect about Boston…..”No Advance Intelligence.”

Boston bombThere has been one phrase that has stuck with me for the last 24 hours, almost to the minute, of the massacre in Boston.  That phrase is this: “We had no prior intelligence warning of this incident”.  It was said across the media; time and time and time again.

There was no warning.

Well if that does not scare the beejeebers out of you, nothing will.  Now I’m not saying our federal government is to blame for ‘not knowing’ the Massacre in Boston was about to happen but it lends itself to the question; “are we entering a new silent terrorism” age?

Are we in a new wave of acts that is now best carried out if not discussed on the internet between and among parties involved?  Not discussed in text messages or on cell phones? It is no secret that terrorists are very patient.  They lie in wait.  They look for our very weakness and they will wait until the right moment to carry out their act of destruction.

This is not about what we do know,  this is about what we don’t think about.  I had a discussion (a tad heated may I add) with my colleagues today about security.  When I hung up the phone I realized the true nature of the frustration, from my point of view, was that NO ONE is versed in stopping someone if they are hell-bent in making it happen.

Who specializes in thinking about what no one else has thought of as a point of attack?  Who?  Who stops this point?

Is the new wave of threats the ones that will be discussed in secret and no other communication takes place?  Here are your instructions; ‘…go out and carry out the plan without discussing or contacting anyone’.

How does that become intercepted?  How does interference get in the middle of that?  How does one prepare for something being planned in silence?  Maybe worrying about little knives or preventing people with diabetes going through airport checkpoints is not the best use of time regarding our security.

I hate these acts.  They pain me to my heart.  But the scariest thing of all is we knew nothing before hand.  Now that they know this type plan works, as proven yesterday, what do we do to ensure our security after this attack?

I don’t know about you, but it surely scares the hell out of me.  God Bless America.

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