Diabetes…..Even in a Quiet Cemetery Called Arlington.

Arlington ColumbiaArlington Challenger

These two stones rest in Arlington National Cemetery in Washington DC.
Two of the worst disasters in our aviation-space-history.

I had to wait to get close to them because there was a school in front of me crowding around as the they were lectured to how important these days in history were and to take a moment to remember.

Those moments were part of my life, to these kids….not much more than a history lesson.

The idea of space travel has always intrigued me.  The launching of ships with millions of pounds of thrust catapulting men and women into space always amazed me.  John Kennedy once stated that if we saw the idea of a man on the moon we could do it within a decade. 

Kennedy stated at Rice University in Houston Texas; ‘We choose to go to the moon in this decade……not because they are easy, but because they are hard.”  I remembered that quote as I turned around to leave.

The school had gone ahead, but a woman, I thought a teacher at first,  was behind me on one knee with a child right next to her.  I heard her say one thing.

“How much insulin do you have on board?”

In this moment, in this national cemetery, in this place of solitude and quiet; diabetes does not care.  I stayed within ear shot until I realized that this was her child and she was the mom; I surely would not be needed here.

How many class trips?  How many parents doing the same thing?

As I left to return to the conference I was in town to attend, I kept thinking of that speech of John Kennedy.  We chose…not because they are easy but because they are hard.  From earth to the moon—-one decade. 

And a mom still has to be on one knee to test her childs blood sugar.

Why hasn’t a choice been made to back the government-NIH-science again, as it needs to be backed, to do that which is hard….and not what is easy, and end this disease once and for all?

I am a diabetes dad.

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beautifully written (as always).. I felt chills across my body as I read… your words put me there.. right there.. in that place.. in that moment.. and I could totally relate. We must keep pushing forward for cure…. DRI, NIH, JDRF… anyone, everyone.. working together to end this now…

It always amazes me how much money is in our Federal budget and what does get so much more funding. I get it…I am biased for diabetes research—-and many organizations do aherculen job to get funding but consider this: in 2011 –$1.35 billion was given to continue the President’s Race to the Top challenge and to expand the competition from states to school districts that are ready for comprehensive reform. My point is not to debate whether this item is good or bad but to show that just as Kennedy’s race to the moon was made a priority—this President made this a top priority. Make it a top priority and it will get funding….period.
Again, there is funding and groups do a herculean job in obtaining the funding that is given……it can be more.

Okay Tom I have to stop reading your posts at work because inevitably I can’t get through them without crying! I had a similar experience this morning although no where quite as beautiful as yours just my Starbucks stop on the way in to work, I saw a little boy and his dad step up to the counter and order a sugar free steamer with half and half if that isn’t a D-kid drink I don’t know what is.. Dad then ordered some type of pastry and the little boy looked at it as they so often do wondering can I have some of that? Dad said don’t worry honey we’ll cover your carbs:) I don’t know why but I couldn’t stop staring I guess I was thinking you’re like us, we get it, we understand we want to be normal and sometimes it’s okay to cover carbs on a morning outing with your precious 🙂 I’ve decided that Diabetes is like a new car you never really noticed it before but now that you have one you see it EVERYWHERE 🙂

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