I Ask You……Where Are They Now????

Where are youSeptember 26th, 1992 seems like a long time ago.  Well I guess to many it is a long time ago.  This is the day Kaitlyn was diagnosed.

Being active happened fairly quickly.  It was hard to believe how many people were around us so quickly.  We were part of each other’s lives for such a long time. 

Do you remember when your child was first diagnosed?  Remember all of those people who ran the galas, the walks, the rides, the events, the outreach, and the education?  Did you turn around one day and you had become one of those people?

What happened to those people who were around when you first started?  WHere did they go?  Their kids were not all of a sudden rid of their diabetes, were they?  Where did they go?  Why did they go?

Burnout?  Are we allowed such a luxury when our kids aren’t?  I think not.

Where did they go?  Did diabetes go away?  I think not.

So where is everyone who came before us?

…….and don’t we need them still; who reaches out to them?

I am a diabetes dad.

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