NY Post Reports: The Rich Hire Handicapped Tour Guides to Cut Lines at Disney

Mickey wheel chairThe NY Post is reporting that rich people are hiring handicapped tour guides so they, and their rich little kids, can cut the lines at Disney.  Well if this just doesn’t beat all tacky and stupid low down tricks.

This is why people who need them have so much trouble getting the ‘Guest Assistance Passes”……….welcome to the Diabetes Dad Hall of Shame—-all of you. 


Here is the article.

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5 replies on “NY Post Reports: The Rich Hire Handicapped Tour Guides to Cut Lines at Disney”

This doesn’t work at Disney or Universal all lines are wheelchair accessible and in most cases they have one member of the party go through line and they have the handicap person join them. When they get to the front. They also assign times to return for a group where the handicap person can’t wait without part of the group.

As an individual who has hidden disabling conditions, I use scooters in places where there is much walking like Conferences, Disney and Universal. I am glad that people with disabilities can find work. However, hiring someone with a disability just to get through the lines faster is an abuse of the ADA. The guide is not at fault, the people who hire them are. But no doubt the person with the disability will be the one to get the scorn.

Actually Rose—communications aren’t even close—-the majority of the responses where this has been posted blames those who do the hiring—-I thought you would want to know.

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