A Quote from Ryan Schuhmacher that Should Stop You in Your Tracks

Merri and RyanDid you ever read something that just smacks your attention?  I always like reading Meri Schuhmacher’s posts.  She never wastes your time as a reader, and always has something substantial to say.  One feels as if you are all on a chair by the ocean; just talking.

But today it’s something her late husband said to her, after their third child was diagnosed, that is something we should all reflect upon.  Meri had been crying quietly, or so she thought, until one night Ryan walked over to her side of the bed, knelt, and said the following:

“But I really believe my love, we weren’t sent to this earth to be miserable.  It’s about finding happiness within what we are given…God wants us to find joy.  We need to look at all the blessings in our life and celebrate our amazing boys.  There is so much good in our lives, I think we need to start focusing on that.  And I think you need to start praying again.  I know it will make you feel better.” 

If not for what WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN; what is the use of anything?  Perhaps we should think about this message today.  It is not the world of ‘no’—-it is the world of YES I CAN.  It is the world of YES OUR CHILDREN CAN.

Thank you Meri for sharing this message, as you share so much; Ryan may have very well been speaking to you but his message is loud and clear for all of us.

Meri included the quote below in her blog today which you can read here:

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