What Does the Mom of My Boyfriend Think…..Questions; I seek Answers?

heartYesterday I posted an incredible video about a young man who allowed the last months of his life to be recorded.  It was a powerful and moving tribute to a remarkable person in a battle he had no chance to win, except he did win because his battle was NOT about living or dying.  Just amazing.

There is one part of that story I cannot get out of my head.  It is a comment from his girlfriend where she states that she became his girlfriend knowing what the result would be.  She allowed herself to fall in love anyway.

Now I have written before about the “I am damaged goods” feelings that some people with diabetes have shared with me over the years.  It is not a phrase I thought of, like, or even agree with; but rather was told to me by someone with diabetes.  The time when they are alone and get the feeling that ‘who would ever fall in love with them’ question?  Now as an outside observer, I do not know anyone with diabetes who ended up single for that reason; it is just a feeling that a few have shared with me that enters their thoughts–sometimes briefly, sometimes not.

Have you ever wondered the thoughts of the parents of a dating prospect/spouse for your child (or yourself) with diabetes?

When someone meets someone who they like; how do they tell them they have diabetes?  DO they know already that they have diabetes?  What did/do the parents say?

I found myself thinking what would I say if my child came home and told me that they wanted to date someone who was terminally ill.  I know what I think I would say; but never having to face it, I cannot answer that question completely.  And of course, diabetes being what it is in our lives, it got me to thinking if it is a factor?  Is it not a factor?  Not only with the one asking someone out on a date; but what did THEIR parents think/feel/say?

If you are one of my readers who have no children with diabetes, what would you say if your child came home and informed you that they have a date with someone with any sort of challenge; would you keep it  to yourself, say anything at all, not care one way or the other?

So many people could help us greatly with some insights to these questions.  Are my questions, just mine, or have others thought the same thing?

Much to be commented on here and I look forward to the input. 

I am a diabetes dad.

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My daughter, whether she readily admits this or not, worries about what others will think. Boyfriends, their parents, friends…. And as a single mom to a child with diabetes, I often wonder what people that I meet who may want to date think about dating someone whose child has an often misunderstood medical condition. I have always taught my daughter that the right people won’t care.. it won’t matter.. and for her to be proud of who she is, T1D and all, because she is a hero, and she succeeds and thrives daily, despite T1D.

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