NEWS BREAK: A Beautiful Touching Final Salute from a 4-Legged Partner

K-9 CasketFido gives a paw salute to his master and partner, Officer Jason Ellis.  The 33-year-old Bardstown Kentucky (about 40 miles from Louisville) Police Officer was ambushed according to reports and was laid to rest last week.

As the cemetery service came to a close, his K-9 partner walked by the casket of the fallen hero and jumped up and laid his paw at his side saying goodbye.  The picture was captured by Jonathan Palmer.

The heartbreaking picture shows just how much the husband and father to two young children ages 6 and 7, was beloved by his partner.

A town mourns.  Yahoo news reports the chief of police stated at the service:
“I am your chief, Jason, but you’re our hero and you need to know this chief will not stand down,” McCubbin said. “Jason, my friend, rest easy. We’ve got it from here.”

How sad for an entire community.  God Bless all those who vow to serve and protect.

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