Way Out on a Limb……This is a MUST Read on a Taboo Subject. WOW!

Out on a limbThere are many people who write about their lives with diabetes.

Many moms write, dads write, people with diabetes write, and health professionals all venture into the pool of literary wisdom, humor, and teachable moments sharing their thoughts and experiences.

I enjoy the writings of many of my colleagues in this space but every now and again someone writes something that when reading I find myself saying;  HOW COULD ONE reveal so much of themselves and just ‘put it out there?’  Especially if society, or ignorance, states the subject matter is taboo and should remain such.

When I read those articles I realize the writer is sharing something so raw that whoever can relate will benefit greatly.  The writer, in these instances, become a hero to me.  To share so private a situation that one can only marvel at the honesty, the passion, and the willingness to do better.

Such is the case today in an article written by Courtney Benefiel who lives on the premise, “Don’t wait for an idea so you can get started–get started so you can have ideas.”

Her article deals with an issue that many go through, but few discuss, and even fewer discuss in an-all-out-this-is-what-I-am-and -this-is-what-I-did-about-it straight from the hip narrative as Ms. Benefiel.

The only thing that surpassed my appreciation for this writer’s honesty, was my awe and respect for her as a teacher; an eye opener for her student of today; me.

Thank you Ms. Benefiel.

Read her article by clicking here.

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