Why I Love Being a Dad….Why Do You?

HonorKids are amazing.

With this weekend being father’s day I thought I would write (and also ask you to share) a few things that I have always liked about being a father.  What do you like?  What does your husband like?  What was your fondest memories of your kids; that makes you love being a dad?  Please share.

I love to watch our kids succeed.  Few things make me happier than seeing my kids excited about a compliment at work, a good grade, a home run in little league, a great play in lacrosse, graduation, ‘getting that job’, being accepted into college–and the list goes on and on.

I love just speaking with my kids.  All three of my kids are as different as night and day.  They have different views.  They are as liberal as they are conservative; they have opinions and I love when we discuss everything from politics to movies.  A philosophy we have lived by is that you cannot learn anything unless you enter the discussion that you do not know.  Our discussions have never been to ‘change the opinion’ of the person but just to share why we feel a certain way and be able to justify it.  Alway engaging.

I love when I go to vote and see that my kids have already voted.  This thrills me to know end.   I love this country and one of our all time freedoms is the right to vote.  “Someone died to give us that right” and I take it seriously, I love when they do also.

I love when they see an injustice and not only have an opinion about it but try to do something to correct it.  A bully at school, speaking dishonorably about someone, social injustices, abuse, and on and on—-they know what is important, and they are not shy to say anything when they see it.

My kids are not perfect which is something they surely inherited from me.  They make mistakes.  They’ve made mistakes.  They do not do things the way I would always do things and that annoys me sometimes, because I always am correct….right (wink wink)?  I know they will find their own way and I know they have great futures ahead of them. 

They will give you a strong handshake when they meet you, they will hug you when they leave.  My sons are 17 and 26; nothing makes me happier than the fact that they shake my hand and kiss me hello and goodbye; and they could care less if anyone sees it.  They have done it…..always. 

They all have dreams and goals and they strive for them.  They work toward them.  Their moral compasses are pointing correctly.  Respect, love, and honor.

They are my kids, I love them, and they are the reason I love Father’s Day because they give me the best gift each year which is my favorite present on earth—-they give of themselves.  They know who they are, what they are, and where they want to be in this world.  A dad could ask for nothing more.

I am a diabetes dad.

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