Still the One Special Dad—and Things he Taught All of Us

Dad Pictures 005Gifts my dad gave me and how they relate to life and diabetes:

…..don’t start something you won’t finish.
I will stop this diabetes journey when my kids are able to and not one second before.

…..if you believe in something, say it, do not spend the wasted time defending it because if it is as you truly believe; it will come true and no defense is better than succeeding.

…..learn to laugh at yourself, don’t take yourself so seriously.
I cannot count the amount of times I have started with myself as an example to lighten a mood, a speech, or a discussion.  This has served me well in life.

…..if not for your kids, who?
My dad was a regular working guy and the amount of time he spent with us especially dealing with Little League Baseball was something I will always remember. He never made a lot of money but I honestly do not think of anything that his six children were ever in want.  We had what we needed.

….nicknames for your kids are cool….no matter how silly they seem to anyone else.

…..never think kissing your son is not manly.  It is the most manly thing on earth.  (I love this lesson).

…..learn from mistakes and move on.
My dad was surely not perfect and he often stated to learn from what he did wrong without ever stating he was wrong.  He had faults like the next person, he had things he had to deal with just like the next person……but he always moved forward.

…..don’t ask someone to do something that you will not do yourself.
This was the equalizer; displaying that we are not better than anyone else; and no one is better than us.

……the night before school started each year, meant ice cream sundaes.

…..when we were done opening our Christmas gifts, there was always one more; a “kitchen gift”.

And the most important lesson that my dad taught his children and his grandchildren.
…..Love one Another.  These were not merely words in our house they were three words of which everything else was based.  He said them almost everyday and it was something he found to be crucial in our lives.  It had to do with everything around us but most specifically, the family.  If you spoke a cross word to each other you paid a price, if you disrespected, you paid a price, and if you disrespected my mom or him—you paid a dear price.  It is a lesson that will surely be passed down for generations.

My dad died on March 16th, 2009.  Not a day goes by I do not miss him.  Not a day goes by I do not miss his voice, his Aqua Velva smell, his laugh, his advice, his jokes and talking about the Mets.  If your dad is alive, love him—-the day will one day be closed and you will miss him forever.

Happy Father’s Day Doggie Daddy; Love your Auggie Doggie.

I am a diabetes dad.

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