Nothing Stronger….a Proud Night!

Rob graduationI sat back on my chair at the restaurant.  It was a celebration.  It was the graduation from high school for our youngest, Rob.  A magical day and night.

Families wish for what I was in the middle of experienceing, it is surely my hope that their wish gets granted.  As in the Jimmy Stewart Christmas movie, it almost gets by us sometimes with out us realizing.

As I leaned back in my chair I observed and enjoyed; our family.

My kids have always been there for each other.  They support each other and they pretty much know everything about each other.  Even while growing up, I remember them doing things like all sleeping in the same room waiting for Christmas morning and now as adults they call each other to just find out what’s going on.

As I watched our banter around the table (nothing is off-limits and it gets to be a good deal of fun) I was reminded that the best thing we have is each other.  And they were all right in front of me; our three kids and our soon-to-be fourth child; when TJ marries Joelle in October.  Family defined.

The support is based on many things; romances, problems, and yes even when it comes to diabetes (and having two kids with T1–that is A LOT of support) they know how to support each other.  They each have a wonderful sense of humor, they give back to the community, and they excel in the work that they do. Perfect? No, but a perfect fit as a family, our family.

While we were in our seats at the graduation ceremony Kaitlyn text me that she wanted to get a better photo of Rob walking in and to hold her a seat…….”… you guys need a water?….”  was how the text ended.   Now that may seem like a little thing to most but it is those little things that let us know the big things will be taken care of.

We surely were all so proud watching our son and brother enjoy his festivities, his friends, and his accomplishments during his graduation.  And I was given the fabulous opportunity to once again realize just how lucky I am.

It is indeed a Wonderful Life.

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My 12 year old son just appeared, as Young George Bailey, in It’s A Wonderful Life at Christmas, with Denton Community Theater. He shared the stage with a lovely young lady with T1D who had the role of Zuzu. It is a wonderful life.

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