When is the Last Time You Had Fun??????….We can Still Do that You Know!!

MormonWhat is that feeling when you feel for a moment, for an hour, or for a day everything is as it should be?

We spend a good deal of time beating diabetes down in our household and I believe we do a good job in trying to move our lives forward.  We are not blind.  We are not naive.  We know that at any given moment, everything and anything is on the table as to how diabetes impacts our lives.

But every now and again…….there is no work (which for me is usually diabetes 24/7; my choice and I love it), there are no episodes, and there is only family. 

A Sunday.

Anyone who knows me knows my love for the stage, TV, and movies.  Now being on the audience side watching, instead of the years I spent being the one performing,  I so appreciate my colleagues who are onstage but for one purpose; for the audience to go on a trip with them for two-and-a-half hours and leave life behind.

Yesterday, Sunday, we all went in and saw The Book of Mormon, which if you do not know, was created by the folks at South Park which translates to the fact that nothing is sacred and everything is fair game.  If you allow yourself to understand this point, you will enjoy the show because it offends everybody somewhere along the performance….and offends them big time. 

But once you know that it is a buck shot and not a single bullet of offense; you could laugh until your cheeks hurt.

But I realized as we were heading home that it was not just the show or dinner that we were treated to (to our angel who treated us to orchestra seats 8 rows from the stage and a wonderful dinner—-I say thank you) but it was having that opportunity to be with my family.

Please share when is the last time you had one of those days……just a really good day and why?

When you can get time for yourselves, and diabetes behaves (with much help from those who worked diligently to get it that way)—-it becomes a red carpet night.

And every now and again, we deserve that……..don’t we?

I am a diabetes dad.

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Nothing Stronger….a Proud Night!

Rob graduationI sat back on my chair at the restaurant.  It was a celebration.  It was the graduation from high school for our youngest, Rob.  A magical day and night.

Families wish for what I was in the middle of experienceing, it is surely my hope that their wish gets granted.  As in the Jimmy Stewart Christmas movie, it almost gets by us sometimes with out us realizing.

As I leaned back in my chair I observed and enjoyed; our family.

My kids have always been there for each other.  They support each other and they pretty much know everything about each other.  Even while growing up, I remember them doing things like all sleeping in the same room waiting for Christmas morning and now as adults they call each other to just find out what’s going on.

As I watched our banter around the table (nothing is off-limits and it gets to be a good deal of fun) I was reminded that the best thing we have is each other.  And they were all right in front of me; our three kids and our soon-to-be fourth child; when TJ marries Joelle in October.  Family defined.

The support is based on many things; romances, problems, and yes even when it comes to diabetes (and having two kids with T1–that is A LOT of support) they know how to support each other.  They each have a wonderful sense of humor, they give back to the community, and they excel in the work that they do. Perfect? No, but a perfect fit as a family, our family.

While we were in our seats at the graduation ceremony Kaitlyn text me that she wanted to get a better photo of Rob walking in and to hold her a seat…….”…..do you guys need a water?….”  was how the text ended.   Now that may seem like a little thing to most but it is those little things that let us know the big things will be taken care of.

We surely were all so proud watching our son and brother enjoy his festivities, his friends, and his accomplishments during his graduation.  And I was given the fabulous opportunity to once again realize just how lucky I am.

It is indeed a Wonderful Life.

I am a diabetesdad.

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Please God, with Everything that is Holy !!!!

We are the diabetes community. We are. We are not short for words. When we have an opinion, we speak. Today, I am asking you to have an opinion. In fact today I am asking you to scream. I am asking you to rally around one family.

Why this family? We all have problems; we all have to deal with what life throws at us; why this family? The answer is this: sometimes no matter what we go through, when you see someone going through absolute hell, you can step up to the plate in some way.  A way that will help no matter how small.  A way to show you care.

This is what Meri Schuhmacher wrote on her blog today. Meri has 4 boys (ages 16-14-10-8) and 3 of them—3 OF THEM–have type one diabetes. Her husband, a young man, passed away last weekend. Six months ago he was strong, vibrant and active; he was diagnosed with brain cancer; and his battle was lost last weekend.

Here is what Meri wrote today on her blog:
I wasn’t expecting it.
Looking back it should have been more clear to me what was happening, but in the moment…I was just coping with him. Loving him.

How everything happened last Sunday is so personal I can’t write it down here, but I can tell you that without a doubt…we received our miracle.

I sit here completely humbled, and shocked. How God got away with this without me cursing him is the monumental miracle itself. Each detail of the last week was carefully seeded so that on the other side I could not deny this timeline was always set. It just wasn’t for me to foresee.

My body is barely hanging on. I am so weak, and tired, and aching. I ache everywhere. But my brain is working overtime…leaning on the muscle mass it has gained the last few months.

I wish I could turn it off. I wish I could flip a switch and give my body a break from feeling it all.

I wish I could know exactly what to do for the boys, and what to say. I hate guessing my way through something so important. They are my number one priority right now.

He fought the fight so valiantly. Last night as I was staring at the wall trying to convince my brain to sleep, I realized that not once did Ryan ever complain. He never questioned why this was happening to him. He was only always positive. Hope was the only option in this house…it was how he lived. Finding the joy in the little things was his legacy, and looking back I do not regret one minute of our journey.

I hope one day to be able to follow his lead and live with the assurance that all will be well. Today that seems impossible. Nothing is well. Saying I miss him is not even close to the pain that I feel. He was my everything. My favorite. The love of my life. My best friend. He got my sense of humor. He never judged me. For the past 20 years we did everything together…our hobby was each other.

Writing things out is my best therapy. Letting it out and knowing my feelings are there to look back on help me get through. I don’t know how long it will take me to navigate this road I’m on…maybe forever…but I will continue to come here and lay it all out.

It is my way.

I hope that it will help me get through this day. And then tomorrow I’ll figure out a way to get through that one too.

Thank you for raining down love and support to me and my beautiful boys. Thank you for your tears, and for being my friend.

I don’t know that I can do this. I’m completely scared out of my mind. But I know that Ryan knows I can do this, and that gives me the hopeful inkling that maybe, just maybe…I will.


Imagine the size of Meri’s ‘blue candle’; imagine her heart, imagine her life.

Is it enough to only hurt for her or can we do something?

What Meri does not do on her blog is ask for help.  It is why I copied what she wrote instead of just sending you to her site to read it.  With everything that the God of this earth may find holy I’m asking you to do one of two things (or both if you are so inclined)…….today!
This link:
1. Go to it and donate.
2. Go on Facebook and share this link with everyone including your own words how important it is to make a difference for this one family. Have your kids go on Facebook and share with everyone and anyone asking to help.

Really? 3 kids with T1 and now no husband, father, and/or best friend to help get through every day. How bad do we actually have it that we cannot, on this day, help a family from our very own community?

All of our collective causes will all be there tomorrow, I promise. Today, to actually have the power to touch a life; is the power to change a world. Let’s do it together…….thank you.  I’m a diabetesdad.

A mad as hell tragedy…we can all help. Read, do, & share.

It’s not enough. You have to get mad; so mad that you do something.

Dammit I’m angry as hell. You get mad too. Please read.

Meri and Ryan Schuhmacher with their 4 young boys (teens and below in age) were just like any other couple; you, me, or even your friends and/or relatives, they’re a family. Meri is the type of woman who somehow always finds a blessed light in the darkness of things that happen in this world. She is a fabulous writer and her “OurDiabeticLife.com” is about as refreshing and real as it gets.

Did I forget to tell you that 3 of her 4 boys also live with T1 diabetes every day? Figure it this way 24/7/365X3.

Six months ago she revealed to the world that her husband would be battling a rare form of brain cancer and to say the fight was valiant would be an understatement. With 3 kids living with type 1 diabetes, fighting valiantly is a way of life for the Schuhmacher Family.

I saw them in July and you could tell it was a struggle but Ryan had a smile to give and his family around him at the Children with Diabetes conference in Orlando Florida.

Ryan lost his battle over the weekend. Just like that, six months apart, total upheaval of a family. That should make me angry at life. That should make you angry too. Meri wouldn’t want that and truly, it’s not in my make up; but make no mistake—I’m real angry. I’m asking you to get angry too.

Diabetes, Cancer, MS, Alzheimer’s, Autism, and so many more diseases that strike a chord with one of us, or all of us, are always asking for money. Camps, hospices, hospitals, and educational institutions are all also constantly asking for money. And it is understandable, times are tough. Money is needed for extremely important issues.

Recently a woman was bullied on a bus and the world thought it was horrendous and raised $702,384 for this woman. That was fabulous.

This is horrendous also.
Think about this: a woman with 4 young boys and 3 of them with type one diabetes, and not only is the love of her life gone, but so is the family’s source of income. Meri must now ‘go it alone’. Medical bills from Ryan’s cancer battles, three boys with diabetes, daily living with a house and all that goes into running it and the food bills for 4 growing boys; plus so much more—-you get the picture.

A site that was started to help with Ryan’s medical bills is now the financial lifeboat for the Schuhmacher Family’s enormous expenses. Life has completely bullied Meri and I’m asking you to be angry right along with so many others and angry enough to care. Meri will move forward in life because….well….that is Meri. She is a proud woman and a great mother. We can impact the future of this family. Let’s do it……together.


By clicking the above link is a way every single cent will make a difference to a family in need, both now and for years to come. If you have $5, it will make a difference. If you can give more, please do so. Give because you are doing okay, give because your kids are okay, give because you want to see your money actually help a family and make a difference, give because that is what we all do when someone needs our help; this help is needed more than you will ever know. Please, give.

PLEASE–give today and share this blog somewhere else. We’re all God’s creatures, even when we’re mad as hell. Thank you. I’m a Diabetes Dad.