The White House in Blue……Want to Help Make it Happen?

White house blueAccording to biblical stories Thomas was the doubting apostle.  This has truly followed me my entire life.  Many times it serves me well, many time it gets me thinking.  But when/if/should my mind ever get changed on something, and I believe in it—-it consumes me.  

Such was the case last night and I blame Manny Hernandez and the small think-tank group for me not sleeping last night due to an idea that was shared at a dinner with a bunch of DOC writers and activists sponsored by Johnson and Johnson.

“Let’s light up the White House in Blue this November 14th for World Diabetes Day.  Let’s make it a mission to get that done,”  

DOUBTING THOMAS: To what end?  What would it prove?

As I spoke to people, one person said It would never happen anyway, the White House would never go for it………….and that got me thinking.  

That is OUR White House.

And now I not only think it is a great and fabulous idea…….I am asking your help and feedback.   There will be a committee formed to formulate a plan so do not do anything just yet,  we will keep you informed.  

BUT IMAGINE.  The White House lit up in Blue for International DIabetes Day  this November 14th.  But we have some work to do.

According to the IDF website:
The 2013 campaign will look to inspire and engage local communities to promote and disseminate simple education and prevention messages and organise activities to strengthen recognition among the public that diabetes is a global health threat with serious and far-reaching consequences that affect us all. From the local to the global level, the campaign will also reinforce the importance that a multitude of small and simple actions can make to achieving meaningful outcomes for people with diabetes and those at risk.

NOTICE THIS PART: …….”will also reinforce the importance that a multitude of small and simple actions can make to achieving meaningful outcomes for people with diabetes……”

Well that’s us.  Imagine if we could also hang the hundreds of Children With Diabetes Quilts on Pennsylvania Avenue with a group of people standing with the President as he flips the switch to Blue lighting the White House for just one night designating and reinforcing everything stated above.

“Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true”
That sky will start over the White House.  WITH YOUR HELP. 

We are going to need to rally people, LOTS OF PEOPLE, to make this happen.   If you think this is a cool idea…….share this post but more importantly; give comment that you are ready and willing to make a call or write a letter to make it happen.  We want to do this in manner that can be very powerful.  I have always touted to just “Don’t do Nothing”—as individuals this will be easy to spread the word……as a group…..well we all scream for better awareness……..Are YOU IN?

Doubting Thomas, no more.

Please add your reply to here so ALL can read as oppose to posting just on the FB page where you read this….we need to know what you think….so please reply and also share.

I am a diabetes dad.

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19 replies on “The White House in Blue……Want to Help Make it Happen?”

It would be amazing to see the White House blue for World Diabetes Day! I think it will help motivate people to act, support, and give to help find a cure for diabetes. As far as raising awareness….it would be UNBELIEVABLE!!! I’m totally IN!

I am in! I had no idea how much of an impact diabetes has in a person’s life until my daughter was diagnosed 4 months ago with T1D. Ready to raise all the awareness I can!

Definitely in !!! My T1d son’s birthday is november 15th…would be a great bday present

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