Do You See America…….Take the Time Today to Look.

 $th of JulyToday, in America, is Independence Day.  On this date America became the United States of America in 1776 (officially) and became a free and independent country.

On September 11th, 2001 I spent 36 hours nonstop in lower Manhattan in a situation I could have never planned, and would never hope to see again.  As my parents had, this was my generation’s ‘Day of Infamy”. 

As I watched two of the most known buildings in the worlds, and surely the most famous tandem-buildings in the world, crumble to the ground; as I watched pain and suffering that you could only have nightmares about; as I watched in horror as people so desperately wanted and needed to find loved ones that never would be found; I also watched something else—–I watched America. 

I saw an America that I wish everyone could have witnessed.  An America that reached out and helped, reached out and gave, and even reached out and bleed for their fellow Americans, because it was needed.

I saw it again years later when I was so active in the relief efforts of Hurricane Katrina.  As we were able to supply 10,000 people with diabetes supplies to last them a month.  Strangers sending supplies for the only reason; there was a need.

There have been times that this country has risen to heights one could never think imaginable.  Big displays and small ones.  Helping during a storm, a disaster, or an act of terror.  America is there for Americans.

I am sure it’s like that in other countries too, and people WILL DO for people, when called upon.  As I have my morning coffee and I look at the waterfall outside my front door and I look to the land beyond I think of this country and what she means to me.

I have seen countless times, in my life, the same goodness of people, the same willingness to be there, and the same drive and determination that this country was founded upon 237 years ago.

Many gave their lives for us to be here today.  In wars abroad, in wars on our homeland, and in wars of injustice against ourselves.   There are men and women in our armed forces and emergency responders who lay it all out there every day for one reason……..America.

So as you have your hot dog today, or march in a parade, or while watching the fireworks; take time to say a prayer of thanks.  We are neither perfect nor here by accident, we are here because people fight all the time to give us the protection and right to continue……as Americans.

Happy 4th of July.

I am a diabetes dad.

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