We Are Lost Without Each Other. Period!!!

CWD HandsA common thread is woven among us.  None of us asked to be here, but we are; no one asked us to be part; but we include ourselves; no one asked us to stay, but we have no choice.

We stay because we need to learn; we learn because we need to help our kids with the best tools available; and we share because we love.  It is diabetes and, now, with residence in our world we must decide what to do with it.

For the last week I have been at the Children with Diabetes Friends for Life Conference in Orlando and I have once again (for the millionth time) been reminded how much we mean to each other as a diabetes community.  Thousands are here but I know that this is all but one off-shoot of the diabetes community.

Many will go back to be part of their hospital support groups; DRI, JDRF, and/or ADA group of friends; or connecting online–it all does not really matter.  We are joined by diabetes.  It is a common enemy of which makes allies of us all. 

We need each other.

SO many people had so many GREAT things to share this week in Orlando but it is the singular voice of our children that resonates with me; “We need each other”.  From all walks of life, from throughout the United States and beyond, we are one voice.  We are families with diabetes.

You did not need to be here to know that but if ever you are given the opportunity to experience 3000+ people all on the same page; it is a pretty amazing experience.  Each wrist band on the hands in the picture represents a significant part of this conference.  But in the end it is up to us to make the decision that “today it starts; a new day to make a difference in my life, our life, and the world around us.” 

People leave here empowered to take on the world again. 

And it is a world worth taking on.  The opportunities are endless; the people are all around us are ready to help; the support is always within grasp either personally or online; this is diabetes–and we—-well we; Are. Friends. For. Life.

I am a diabetes dad.

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