Who is YOUR Chief of Staff?

ConfidanteIn the diabetes world; who is YOUR chief of staff?

I love this clip from The West Wing.  (sorry about the subtitles, but the other ones that contained these words were much longer, this one is only about 30 seconds)

As we continue our travels on this diabetes journey; who is that person who is the closest to you in the battle?  Other than a spouse/partner; is there someone who means the world to you?

Is there someone who is your confidante, your advisor, and your shoulder to cry on?

Is, as the video states, the person smarter than you?

This person ‘get it’ as much as, or even more than we do.  They have the ability to listen, they have the ability to hear, they have the ability to take everything in and give you an opinion even if it is something that you do not want to hear but need to hear. 

They ‘get away’ with speaking to you as no other.  They understand you as no other.  It is my hope that you have someone like that in your life.  

If the President of the United States; military personnel, and heads of major corporations and companies have a Chief of Staff; there is a reason.  Someone should be ours as well; may we all be so lucky.  Don’t you think?

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