Diaversary, Why Would Anyone want to Celebrate That??????

CelebrateHow many times do we hear (or read) when people inform us about a ‘diaversary’; the anniversary of the day someone was diagnosed with diabetes.

It is a horrible thing to recognize, or celebrate, don’t you think?

Well in truth, I don’t.

Theodore Roosevelt said, “Do what you can, where you are, with what you have.”
We had no control about diabetes coming into our household; times two.  And once it got here, we had a decision to make.  Ours was to do all we could to ‘own it’.   It still will do its very best to kick out butt up and down the highway but for all we are able; it was our goal to ‘own it’.

So when a diaversary comes around we choose to celebrate.  Celebrate diabetes? Absolutely not!!!!!

Choose to celebrate another year that we (and especially our kids who live with it daily) have lived life to the fullest.  We have encouraged our kids to reach for things that others might say they cannot.  We have encouraged them to let diabetes stop them from nothing.  We love that they thrive in the work place and are in search of their ambitions and goals.

Do they have times that suck, really suck?  Yes.  And so do those that do not have diabetes.  Everybody has something in this world and it is called, ‘life’.  Some have it worse, some have it better.   Some have it harder and some have it easier.  Positive attitude is a huge player in dealing with diabetes.  When I see my daughter or son meeting friends, going out, being recognized at work I simply say to myself; “TAKE THAT DIABETES”.  And if diabetes is ruling your life, figure out how to change the tide.  Start steps today.

It is for all the LIVING that one should recognize a ‘diaversary’.  Diabetes has taken residence in our house twice; but being here, is not ruling here.  And on that point I am certain.  So when a diaversary date arrives, and your child is living it to the fullest, you bet your butt it should be recognized. 

Take that diabetes, indeed.

I am a diabetes dad.

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12 replies on “Diaversary, Why Would Anyone want to Celebrate That??????”

My 9 year Diaversary was yesterday, and I celebrated. I had a couple people comment that it was strange. However, my best friend put it this way, “I will celebrate with you, because you are alive and you are a survivor. Both of those are worth celebrating every day!”

Agreed Tom; once again you and I think alike!!!! It is a sad to remember for sure but a happy one in that our Steph is LIVING with diabetes every single day to the fullest!!!!!

We celebrate too. This Wednesday is my 15 year old sons 2nd diaversary. Diabetes will never define him. We commend him for his past year, going forward in the most positive way ever.

YES, we too celebrate the Diaversary of our 11 year old grandson. This year he is getting his 10 Year award from the ADA!!! We acknowledge this is a family affair and everyone gets to share in the celebration of living life to the fullest!!!!!

My son has had T1D since he was 2.5 yrs old. Now he is 14. I never though about having a diaversary. Maybe it will help him more since he is starting highschool this September. As it has been a very rough road. I have worked very hard over the years doing my best to teach him how to take care of himself for when he gets older. I still have trouble presently trying to get him to manage his diabetes. I’m open to anyone that may have any suggestions for me on how I can help my teenage son.

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