Diabetes? If Life ONLY Sucks, Only WE Can Change It.

Diabetes Sucks 1“I’m so sorry.”



“You know my grandfather had diabetes and he………” (You get the idea)

This is a very popular response when people are informed that two of my kids have diabetes.  I usually end up reminding them again when they are done with the tirade of all the complications their loved one lived through…….I am sorry but THAT is just not their diabetes.

Their diabetes is a pain in the butt.  Their diabetes can create havoc.  But the diabetes of today is not the diabetes of yesterday.  Of course the whole thing could derail but for the most part the lifestyle followed with diabetes depends on many things and certainly luck is in the mix.

One’s attitude IS SUCH a key.  I have talked to so many people who have diabetes and/or have a child with diabetes.  I’m absolutely convinced that the number one factor in dealing with diabetes is the attitude.

I know people who have the most horrendous of circumstances.  Circumstances that are everything from multiple children with diabetes, losing a child to this disease, having a major disease themselves, being alone, no job, and instances where life has beat them so down one could never imagine and you know what, one would never know it.  Their life is a photo album of GREAT photos of friends, experiences, and good times.  They chose to be that way.  It was not, and is not, easy.  But the run started with a step.

Problems?  We all have problems but if you live in a life of woe, you will live in a life of woe.  I’m not asking one to explain to me how bad it is; in twenty-one years I have been at this I have heard stories that made me cringe and bend at the knees.  We also have a few of our own that we lived through which people will never hear about.  But in every case the fork-in-the-road appears……..what road will be taken?

My question is simply this; and for you to answer all by yourself.  Not to answer me, because who am I?  I’m only asking because at the end of the day they close the box or spread the ashes.   I fully get that diabetes takes a toll on all of us:
But is it ruining your life?

I’m not saying that we cannot all have ups and downs; and I can only speak from a parents/perspective because I don’t have it.  But I know people who do have it and they lead incredible lives and live with a gusto that is enviable at the very least.

I have met PWDs and Parents of PWDs who are the most remarkable people on earth.  Truly.  They are amazing, full of life, love to laugh and are engaging with pain, despite, and no-matter-what life has given them.  How do they differ? 

Isn’t it time you grabbed for that gusto?  We all have one shot, and after that it is whatever you believe awaits for you.  Start collecting photos for your album-of-life to enjoy, start today.  Look for the good, I assure that you will find it.  Take just one step today.

I am a diabetes dad.

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