NFL Has a SERIOUS Problem…….PINK Only.

Brandon SNeakersThere’s no question as one watches football this month that there is an agreement that the color pink will be worn in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Pink towels, sneakers, even mouth guards….all in pink.  I think it’s fabulous and I sit on the sidelines watching with a bit of envy that it is not blue for diabetes and the support of the DRI and a cure.  I am sure our friends at the JDRF and the ADA think the same thing but in the back of our collective minds I also know we all think—well GREAT for that organization.

And  something happens.

An article is written that ‘pink’ is a ploy from the NFL to try to capture the women to be more of an audience.  I think really?  I read many other blogs how women praise the NFL for all they do.  Others feel differently.  To some, the color pink is showing red.

The pot is starting to boil. 

Others write both for and against the pink……and I’m thinking, who cares; it’s recognition.
And something happens.

The second week in October is also Mental Illness Awareness Week.  Brandon Marshall plays football for the Chicago Bears.  Yes the same Chicago Bears that has a quarterback with T1 Diabetes named Jay Cutler.  When Jay Cutler is looking for someone to catch the football he throws, he looks frequently to Brandon Marshall to catch it.  And he does…..often.

Mental illness is close to Mr. Marshall’s heart; so much so that he decided to wear green shoes (I guess that is the color for mental health charities) during the game against the Giants on Thursday.   The NFL stated if he attempted that, he would be banished to the locker room for the game until he changed.

Really?  Wow.

Pot boiling now.

The NFL caved and allowed him to wear the sneakers of green but only with a penalty, a fine.  A FINE????????

The NFL cannot just have people wear colors for other ‘unauthorized’ agreements for charity…..can they???????  Heaven forbid there were many charities represented to help many people……..maybe even diabetes, somewhere……..hey, a fella can hope, no?

Mr. Marshall paid the fine and matched the fine by giving that much more to his charity for Mental Illness.  Wonder how much the NFL gives….and I mean actually writes a check?

I say there can never be too much doing good.  But my fear is that the pot will boil over and others will want to represent their charities and eventually the NFL will just say… more.

Imagine all of that help going on……..just shameful….huh?

No more colors, no more pink………..and we can just go back to watching how many NFL players wear bright orange, the overalls so many players wear in prison with over 40 arrests of NFL players just in 2013—and the year is not up yet.  Is that the color the NFL would be happy portraying?

Time to get the rose-colored glasses off your eyes NFL, fining Mr. Marshall was a stupid thing to do.  Encourage this idea, not punish it.   My, my, my.

Thanks Mr. Marshall; for taking a stance for something you believe in and showing that it all does not have to be just one way.  


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5 replies on “NFL Has a SERIOUS Problem…….PINK Only.”

Love it! Make ya wonder what is going on in this world. Maybe something can and will be done, at least we can hope right!?

All three conditions mean something to me. I have had many scares and one breast surgery. Lost relatives to breast cancer. I have a T1D child with brain differences. Volunteered for years in children’s mental health.
That being said, using pink to pander to women as long as a charity benefits is tolerable. Both the business and the people who benefit from the charity reap the rewards. Sponsorships help the charity I volunteer for as long as the business “gets” what is in it for them. NFL fining for an altruistic act is foolish from a business standpoint AND disgusting from a human standpoint.
The point of watching a sport is the sport. A change of shoe color for awareness is not distracting enough to annoy fans and may even win them MORE. I will boycott football until there is a donation to the player’s charity and a change in policy about awareness efforts. Who is with me????

I just googled this story because I was curious how much the fine was…$10,500. Wow! So he matched that and is also planning to auction off his green shoes and donate the money. That’s great!

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