Diabetes Jeopardy Answer #5 for D-Awareness Month; Ladies..Here is Your Mr. Divabetic!!!

Max……who is Maz Szadek.  THE MAN who makes woman feel wonderful about themselves…….again.

This one man of incredible talent, imagination, and heart tells his story clearly on his own site.

Divabetic® was inspired by the late R & B legend, Luther Vandross, and created and founded by his long-time assistant, Max Szadek. ‘Divabetic’, a combination of the word ‘diabetic’ and the letter ‘V’ for Vandross, evokes feelings of power and positive attitude associated with the great DIVAS Luther loved like Ms. Patti LaBelle. Divabetic® encourages every woman affected by diabetes to take on a diva’s bold sassy personae and posture to help improve the quality of her life. We believe, if we empower the DIVA within you to manage your diabetes properly, you will strive to live life at your best. You may even feel glamorous!

We spread our ‘Glam More, Fear Less’ philosophy to empower those affected by diabetes. It adds a bit of ‘fabulousness’ to our style of outreach! Beauty and fashion experts work side by side with health educators. Not surprisingly, a new shade of lipstick or better fitting bra has proven to be highly effective in changing a woman’s mindset and renewing her interest in taking better care of herself. This philosophy, we feel, can help enlighten, not frighten this generation of newly diagnosed women as well as provide new forms of encouragement to those who have been living with the disease for 5, 10 or 60 years!

Today, Divabetic diabetes outreach efforts aim to spark interest in better care and to lift spirits of all types of women touched by diabetes and their loved ones. Our sisterhood of diabetes continues to grow in both confidence and commitment. There’s a glamorous, hip, fun and friendly manner to our outreach and plenty of positive energy swirling around the room from start to finish!

He is Mr. Divabetic, Max Szadek!

For Diabetes Awareness Month:
This month, I will be highlighting someone in the diabetes community.  They may be people you know, or might not know, but they give of themselves to make this world, our world, with diabetes a special place.   I will not get to everyone this month, but it is my hope that perhaps you can be introduced to some of those you may not know.

I’m certainly not the definitive on who should be included….you are.  If you think I should include someone, shoot me an email at and I will do what I can to include that person as well.  Welcome to diabetes awareness month.

I am a diabetes dad.

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