Diabetes Jeopardy Answer #18 for D-Month: She is One of the Foremost Authorities on Diabetes and Camping ….. and MORE!

shelley-yeager….and the answer is who is Shelley Yeager.

Shelley is on a mission.  Her mission deals a lot with camps but more than that, Shelley believes that the youth across the globe ‘shoud be put to work’ to better themselves and others who live with diabetes.  She would be correct and she puts those thoughts into action like no other.

Her Bio states:
Shelley Yeager is consulting Director of Outreach & Development for the Diabetes Education and Camping Association, the networking and resource organization for over 400 diabetes camping programs serving 30,000 youth and families worldwide.  She works within the larger diabetes community to foster cooperative relationships that enhance and expand programs serving youth, teens, young adults and families.  She provides consulting services for Insulindependence and AYUDA (American Youth Understanding Diabetes Abroad) on strategic program and development issues and is a faculty mentor for the International Diabetes Federation’s Global Young Leaders in Diabetes Program.  She serves on the Advisory Board of the College Diabetes Network and the Board of Camp Surefire Foundation in Rhode Island.  As the former Executive Director of the Barton Center for Diabetes Education in Massachusetts she transitioned programs from a summer camp to a year-round educational organization serving over 1500 youth with diabetes and their families at experiential education programs in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York.  She has co-authored a number of diabetes manuals, served a co-investigator in many diabetes research studies and lectured extensively on diabetes in the family and diabetes programming.  Shelley is a Master’s level Licensed Certified Social Worker (Boston College) and has 30 years experience in counseling children with diabetes and their families. 

Many would serve themselves well by listening to Shelley’s ideas on engaging young people with diabetes worldwide.

For Diabetes Awareness Month:
This month, I will be highlighting someone in the diabetes community.  They may be people you know, or might not know, but they give of themselves to make this world, our world, with diabetes a special place.   I will not get to everyone this month, but it is my hope that perhaps you can be introduced to some of those you may not know.

I’m certainly not the definitive on who should be included….you are.  If you think I should include someone, shoot me an email at and I will do what I can to include that person as well.  Welcome to diabetes awareness month.

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