Real Photo: I DID See Mommy Kissing Santa Claus…….Celebrate Your Family.

Tom Mommy kissing Santa Claus
I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

In this picture is my family (that’s me in the front—cute huh?).¬† That’s mom kissing Santa Claus. At that age I was not sure, but now I am; my father is Santa Claus in the picture ūüôā .¬† My look is real; although I was not sure why Santa was at our house before Christmas to take a photo.

My dad was hugely creative (we lost him four days before Rob was diagnosed in 2009—-want to talk about a week that really sucked).¬† We have so many of these-type photographs and all of us Karlya Kids have copies.¬† What a joy to see something so special¬†50 years (give or take) later.

Mom is kissing dad.  What was going on in their life?  What did they go through, as a couple, to make sure that the six kids on that staircase had no worries.

We need to celebrate our families more.  We need to realize that everything we are, every belief we formed, every opinion we created, everything that makes us laugh STARTED at home with our families.  Perfect?  Absolutely not; but mine.

Whatever we went through was ours,¬†and if an outsider tried to say something about a family member, they would be met with fierce opposition.¬†¬† And that is how it should be, shouldn’t it?

As we get closer to the Christmas Season, take the time to look around you.  The family you love now has much to do with the family you came from; celebrate both.  Even if family members are gone now, stop and think of them a little bit.  After all, they are the reason you are who you are.

Celebrate that, even if it brings a tear or two to your eyes remembering.¬† That’s okay.

I am a diabetes dad.

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