It’s Better to BE In and NOT Merely Looking In…….Don’t You Think?

Looking inThe crumbled wrapping paper is left abandoned in a corner; a newly orphaned bow lays under the drink stained glass-top coffee table, and it is clear that this holiday is complete.  In my head I hear so many conversations from the last 24 hours.  I hear laughter, I hear stories, I hear friends, I hear family, and I hear the holiday.

What I did not hear too much about, was diabetes.

Oh it was there and there was always a half-a-glance toward our kids throughout the day.  Were they grabbing a cookie for cookie-sake or did they grab a  cookie for a low?

Always on guard.

About half way through the evening, my allergies were getting the best of me from the household of various dogs and cats so I stepped outside for a little air.  The cold breeze felt good on my face and as I walked up and down the block I stopped in front of the house we were visiting.  I could see all of the activity through the front window,

I could see people’s heads jerking from laughter, I saw one person’s hand motions telling an emphatic story and a listener taking a sip of a drink, and many people crossing back and forth.  Clearly there was an air of excitement in this home.

At this point being the outsider looking in, it made me extremely happy to know that all I needed to do was make my way back inside the house and I would rejoin the festivities.  Whether I went in or not, the festival time being had indoors would continue with or without me.  What a shame to let ALL THAT FUN take place and not be part.

Everyone inside, I’m sure, had some dealings with life that would continue when the party was over.  Life. 

It has always been our choice to be inside the party and not merely outsiders looking in.  That is something I have always loved about my family and friends.  When we are together, the phrase “a good time was had by all” is a reality.

When you think about it; how much fun can it be just to watch others enjoying themselves?  Sometimes it is as easy as just ‘joining the party’.  Where will you be?  Think about it.

I am a diabetes dad.

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