(Sung to the tune of Grease is the Word) Diabetes?…What is the Word…..The Word……The Word??

Word batmanType 1 Diabetes Nemes posted on their FB page;  If you could describe life with type one diabetes in one word what word would you choose?!

Of course there is no correct answer for this question, or better yet, every answer is the correct answer.  Type 1 Diabetes Memes, is a wonderful page.  If you have not ‘liked’ their page, you should.   They are very creative and are known for their pictures-in-search-of-a-caption which they run weekly.

The description of Type 1 Diabetes Nemes does not say that they want to change the world or move mountains; it just says: The page to post photos, laugh, and to have a positive outlook on living with Type One Diabetes!  How great is that?

As I looked at the answers posted by well over 400 people, the answers were a wide range and a wide variety.  I became sad when I saw an answer like ‘suicidal’ and marveled at the creativity of a word like Notabowlofcherries (That’s one word, isn’t it?) and tenawesome a combination of the words tenacious and awesome.  One person wrote ‘a blessing’ which someone else immediately took issue.

The choice of words show more negative than positive and as I stated, there is not right or wrong answer here.  Diabetes is raw and real and however anyone feels about it is up to them.   And if someone, for whatever the reason, found it (diabetes) a blessing; I think that is clearly their choice. 

I would like to take this idea one step forward.  Do not use one word that describes diabetes but use one word to describe how you LIVE with diabetes or would LIKE TO live with diabetes in your household whether you are a PWD or a d-parent/grandparent?

I’m sure there will be cases where the word won’t change, but that is your call and is surely okay.  What is the one word to describe how YOU CHOOSE TO LIVE with diabetes on a daily basis?

I am a diabetes dad.

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I do what I need to do, and that’s all there is to it. There’s no point in getting all bent out-of-shape over something I can’t change. (but maybe DRI can 🙂 )

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