My Reaction to Miss Manners and her Son’s Explanation…….I have a WHOLE DIFFERENT Perspective on this Now!!!!!!!

Miss Manners and sonThere is an explanation from an interview with Miss Manners and her son now on Diabetes Mine.  You can click the picture to read the interview as it was reported.  You can choose to do that and come back, or you can read it after this article; I am going to take an entirely different stance than you might see on this.

Nothing in the past matters because it will not change anything.  What was written by Miss Manners now or before; or what was stated throughout the diabetes community now or before.  The most revealing part of the Diabetes Mine article was that Miss Manners (Judith Martin) has a son now in his forties who was diagnosed with T1 in his twenties, and this is the first time; as per the article, that anything diabetes has appeared in Miss Manners’ Column. (Light bulb lit) It is to that end I write.

Dear Miss Manners,
(Or Dear Judith and Nick, if I may)
I wrote before of the disappointment with your answer to the man in the airplane who has diabetes.  That entire incident is done in my mind because my opinion vs. (well) anyone else is just that; opinion and the merry-go-round can continue forever. Let’s take all of this and move it into the positive.

You were quoted in the Diabetes Mine article;
“Diabetes education is very close to my heart, and so it was quite shocking to see so many say that you don’t know what it’s like,” …..Well alright then!

Let’s forget all that has happened and may I invite you to join in our ongoing and constant effort in getting diabetes ‘right’ in this country.  If this is the first time you have mentioned diabetes in one of your columns, and you are personally connected, may I invite you to change that paradigm.

There are many etiquettes in dealing with people with diabetes; and the knowledge that you could disseminate would be game-changing in nature.  I, and the entire diabetes community, would be more than happy if during the entire year-long run of articles you print in such a huge syndication, that you committed to just two half columns a year in an educational outreach.

For example, do you know that there is a large amount of people who become very ill, and have even died, because their diagnosis of flu-like symptoms were missed T1 diabetes by school nurses, physicians, and pediatricians.  Imagine the impact you could have on helping foster that educational program.

There are so many other issues that need addressing.   I am asking you to commit just two half columns over the next year; and I (and others) would be ecstatic to help you in that regard if you saw fit to include others.  It’s your column and obviously you can do with it as you wish.  But imagine the possibilities???????

I am known for the phrase, ‘just don’t do nothing’.

You now have the power to help change the course of the diabetes landscape; will you join us and ‘just don’t do nothing’?

I am a diabetes dad.

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