“I am All You Got.” A Scene Played in EVERY House. Oscar Week Continues.

KramerIn my continued salute to Oscar week, today I bring in one of my favorite films of all time; Kramer Vs. Kramer.  Before you click the picture to watch, let me share a few thoughts with you.  (you should know in advance that Dustin Hoffman’s character throws his son on the bed in the scene and uses the ‘S” word in the clip).

Even though the character in the movie does not have diabetes, you will see a ton you will recognize in this short two minutes and it is just one of my favorite clips.  I saw it again a few years after Kaitlyn was diagnosed and I howled at this scene.   The best picture of 1980 was also a Best Actor win for Dustin Hoffman and even an Oscar Nomination for 8-year old Justin Henry (the youngest one ever).

This is the famous ice cream scene which I will share with you, was completely unscripted and improvised between the two of them.  It turned out so well that it was left in the film.

The last line is the clincher for me; “I am all you have”.  Take a look and let me know if ANY of this scene has ever taken place in your house and your thoughts.

Oscar week continues.

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